Donald Trump Will Be The President, But He Will Never Be My President

Pixabay / tiburi
Pixabay / tiburi

Donald Trump is going to be the President. There is no way around it. Currently, many of us feel Putin will be pulling the strings and I guess it’s a toss-up as to which reality would be worse. Be that as it may, The Tangerine Scream is taking office, all two-hundred and however many pounds of gelatinous, self-tan covered, ignorant, oblivious, hateful, lying, sexist, rapist…I’m getting off track. He’s taking office. That’s it.

The focus now is the forward movement of the country, and I keep hearing a lot about the unity of citizens, again.

Once again, I must say to those people, fuck you.

Unifying as a country means setting aside your differences. Sometimes that has meant we’re different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, genders, or have different religious beliefs. Today, it means I’m not a sexist piece of shit, and you think having a rapist in office who believe croaking, “You’re fake news,” whenever he hears something he dislikes is okay.

To be frank, I will not set that aside because it is not okay and I will not normalize it.

Anybody who will is too complacent or an asshole.

Did we all just forget that time Trump referenced how big his dick was, on national television, in front of children? What about the historic moment he mocked the disabled? Oh wait, he didn’t really, according to his Twitter. It was a coincidence that he flailed his limbs and body in a way that was similar to how Serge Kovaleski, journalist in question, may have looked due to his congenital joint condition. I’m sure then that if the PEOTUS would have known exactly what disability he had, he would have certainly made it a priority to look as though he were mocking those with MS or autism in order to not look like such a colossal dickhead.

For the record, there was no coincidence.

He did openly mock a disabled journalist on television. Now he is trying to revise history as it is happening, after it has been documented on pretty much every available news outlet available. I don’t know if any of you have read 1984, but this was basically Winston’s job in the book. Information would come down to his office and he would literally rewrite history.

I do not like being an alarmist, and what is worse, I do not feel like I am being an alarmist.

His behavior is just alarming.

Most recently, we all were afforded a front row seat to the Russian-prostitute-urine debacle. I understand this bit may have been a 4Chan prank that got out of hand. Maybe it did what it was intended to do. Once more though, I must ask, was it not alarming to anybody else that nobody questioned this incident based on Trump’s integrity or character? IT JUST SEEMS LIKE A WEIRD FUCKING THING HE WOULD DO. But it was a prank, fine. I’ll let it go. And even if he did do it, everybody has a kink. At least he didn’t rape anybody this time around.

What isn’t a prank, and what is more serious, is his seemingly total disregard for any usual political discourse. I get the cornerstones of his campaign; let’s shake things up. Look at me. I’m not like the others. LOOK AT ME AREN’T I PRETTY AMERICA?! We’ll do it differently. And different, he has achieved.

He’s managed to create the richest cabinet in American history, after claiming he’d drain the swamp. Maybe what he meant to say was drain Medicaid, and taxpayer pockets. Despite campaign promises, he has already publicly stated Medicaid and Social Security will receive cuts. He’s told Americans to kiss ACA goodbye.

Oh, and remember the wall?

Yeah, America’s going to pay for that now. Shocker.

Politicians rarely keep campaign promises, with the only difference between he and they being at least politicians seem to understand what they are promising. Trump rolled out on stage time after time like a bear on a unicycle in a cartoonish Russian circus, hell bent on letting us know he had all the answers to questions we didn’t fucking ask, all in an effort to prove he’d change America. He forgot to mention it would not be for the better.

What do I mean by this? For example, I honestly don’t care who Trump golfs with. I don’t give a fuck how powerful he says his business is, and I really am tired of hearing the word, “Sad.” Its lost all meaning. Try morose or even upset, you dense motherfucker.

What I do care about, what people did ask about, were tax returns, legitimate healthcare reform, foreign policy strategies, and one hundred other questions that were met with: “I’m the best, suck my nuts!” as Trump tried to fingerbang us all with is baby-handed middle finger.

After all of this he’s managed to turn politics into more of a low-budget Cinemax feature than ever thought possible.

I long for the days of my childhood when politics were so mind numbingly boring I fell asleep as my parents watched the news.

I dream daily about a time in my life when the biggest difference between myself and anybody else was if they were a Disney kid or a Nickelodeon kid. Times are weird, adulthood is hard, and Trump isn’t helping anything. I fully understand not unifying with other citizens will likely only increase the problem, but I do not believe unifying and normalizing this behavior will be worse than stating clearly if you are for whatever degradation is happening here, I am not for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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