To The Men Who Manipulate Women To Feed Their Own Egos

Bryton Udy / Unsplash

We’ve all met someone like you, the man that appears to be someone with a good heart. Claims you will do this and that. The one that can make anyone like you with your charm and charisma. Unfortunately, that charm will only get so far before you, the “want to be hero”, shows he’s really a villain.  You will not change you will only try to lie better.

You use women, and it doesn’t matter if they are single or taken. You see something you need at the time and you do what you have to do to take it. You manipulate, use, and lie over and over. You make them get so caught up in the game that they began to do those same things to the people that they love and that love them. I’ve learned that I do not want to be anything like you. You’re the man that claims we are all drama well I hate to break it to you, you create your own drama filled with paranoia and anxiety.  It seems so sad for someone like you to always have to look over their shoulder. Living in fear of being caught.

I believe you actually think you are a good person. You have many fooled because you put on a good act. All you do is throw dirt on people. You try to make women feel crazy (and maybe at times they are- but only because of your games) and make others believe these women chased you. This is so far from the truth. You manipulate them into believing things are okay as long as it is kept a secret. You try to wreck women who are in relationships because you are so unhappy with yours—past and present. You are a killer of women’s self-respect everywhere! It’s sad really.

To this man, I truly feel sorry for you. Sorry that you feel you have to lie and manipulate to feel any emotion. Sorry, you don’t know what real love is because of your multiple lives you live. Sorry, you feel you have to hurt people that were once your friends because you see someone else you think has something you need at the time.

So for you, I pray one day you stop playing the games you do and find someone you truly love and respect. Life is to short to keep living unhappy and angry all the time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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