30 Signs You’re From Los Angeles

Flickr / Shinya Suzuki
Flickr / Shinya Suzuki

1. You have a tan during the winter.

2. You make six figures a year and still can’t afford a home.

3. You’ve had at least one kind of celebrity encounter.

4. You follow food trucks on Twitter.

5. You’ve spotted a Hassidic Jew, drag queen, and aspiring gangster rapper all within the same block.

6. You’re familiar with the infamous parking lot that is the 405 freeway.

7. You’ve witnessed a movie or commercial being filmed.

8. You know that driving through Silverlake during the afternoon is primetime for hipster watching.

9. You’ve become a professional at identifying inconspicuous marijuana dispensaries.

10. You know that it’ll take at least half an hour to drive 3 miles on the streets during rush hour.

11. You get excited when the smog has cleared up and you can actually see mountains behind the downtown skyline (rare).

12. It takes 6 years to graduate from a 4-year university.

13. You’ve eaten a bacon-wrapped hot dog, corn with mayonnaise and cheese, or fruit with chili and lime juice.

14. A free show will turn into a riot on Hollywood Blvd.

15. At least one person has walked up to you and given you their super awesome demo to listen to.

16. Public transportation is inconvenient and really confusing.

17. UCLA vs. USC, Angels vs. Dodgers, and the LAKERS!!!1

18. Two questions arise whenever you go out of town: Why are there so many white people? Why is it so cold?

19. You can buy fruit and flowers before merging onto the freeway.

20. You know that Venice Beach is full of characters and have always been curious about the drum circle.

21. You have high standards when it comes to the quality of tacos.

22. You often spot flawless women running with their babies in strollers.

23. Your house party was broken up by a helicopter and a megaphone.

24. Sometimes it’s just fun to drive through the Hollywood Hills.

25. People know everything about the Kardashians but nothing about the fiscal cliff.

26. Driving drunk on a weekend in the city is like playing Russian roulette with your license, and you know at least one person with a DUI.

27. It’s not uncommon to find Koreans who speak Spanish working with Hispanics who speak Korean.

28. Rain is a BIG deal.

29. Everyone is a DJ or a music producer.

30. You have an intense love/hate relationship with your city, but know that there’s nowhere else quite like it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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