To The Girl Who Ends Up Loving My Best Friend

  Scott Webb
Scott Webb

First of all thank you. Thank you for truly loving him the way he deserves to be loved. Thank you for being the kind of girl that is actually worthy of his love. Thank you for accepting our friendship and including me in your lives.

He and I have been through a lot together: Heart break, life changes, new jobs, and just about everything in between. I don’t have to tell you how great he is, you clearly already know this. He has always been and probably always will be one of my favorite people mostly because of his wonderfully big heart.

Now I need you to realize that I have watched him take that big Ol’ heart
and give it away piece by piece, never fully getting someone else’s in return to fill that void so it’s hard for him to open up. He’s had his heart broken time and time again and has deemed himself unworthy of love and honestly after watching all he’s been through I don’t blame him for feeling that way.

Being his best friend, I have seen him at his darkest and I have seen him on top of the world, but never as happy as he is when he’s with you.

While I love seeing him this happy, there are a few things I need you to know to keep things going that I’ve learned based off his previous relationships.

Always remind him, not just with your words but also with your actions, just how much he means to you. He may seem confident, but deep down he doesn’t believe he deserves a girl like you and is afraid you’ll leave him just like the rest have.

Let him have his time with the boys. If you let him, he will devote every waking second to making you happy, but don’t let him loose himself along the way. Now I know these boys, they’re a rowdy bunch and you’re probably thinking “why would he be friends with these idiots??” but trust me, underneath it all they’re big ol’ sweethearts just trying to have some fun. In the long run he’ll love you more for giving him guy time and the boys will love it too.

Because he’s had his heart broken so many times, he’s going to be skeptical at first. I won’t lie, sometimes this comes off as jealously which we both know isn’t the most attractive trait, but he just needs time to realize this is the real deal. Like I said before, show him with your words AND actions because that boy has heard it all before and being the great guy he is, chances are he’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but deep down realize that something isn’t right until one day he gets his heart broken AGAIN so please, just be honest with him and show him that you mean it.

Now this is something I can’t stress enough. Yes, he may be my best friend, but he is YOURS.

I am of no threat to this relationship and never will be. I know it’s hard for most to believe that a guy and girl and be “just friends” and I guess in a sense we are more because he is not just a friend, he’s family.

That boy is my brother, best friend, and confidant and quite frankly, I need him in my life. Truly, I hope you join our little family because let’s face it, we need another girl around here and anyone that can love him like you do already has a spot in our hearts.

He deserves all the happiness in the world, so please be gentle with his heart.


His OTHER best friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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