9 Hacks For Lazy Girls Who Don’t Want To Do Anything Ever Again

I’m a very lazy person. I stay in my sports bra and workout pants all day, and dread putting on my makeup or going out in public. Especially if I have to do anything manual. If you can’t stand being super social or moving at all, I have the solution for you. I’m going to give you my top 9 tricks (because I am to lazy to name 10 tricks) that make you look like the lazy human you really are.

1. I love sweat pants because they let me be free and lazy. What I also love about them, is that if you have to go out because your best friend has been pestering you, you can also dress them up! If you have a solid grey, white or black pair you can pair it with a cute peep toe heel, and a blouse or crop top and make an entrance anywhere you go! My best-friend, Hailey, always wants to go out and be social when I am in town, and I just want to sit around and be lazy. We just meet in the middle, somewhat. (:

2. If you don’t want to go to the store and get drinks, order in! Major food delivery services often sell two liter drinks with their meals. Take advantage of that. Order you a pizza, shamelessly, and get you three 2 liter drinks. No getting in the car, no driving, no being social, problem solved!

3. Speaking of delivery, order take out. It comes to your door already cooked. No further explanation needed.

4. Never do dishes again. Do you hate washing plates? Yeah, me too! Put plastic wrap over your dishes and when you’re done eating, throw it away! Simple, right?

5. I can’t even be bothered to tie my shoes, and you don’t have to either. I’ve learned this trick a long time ago, and it has helped me through the years. In elementary school, if we took naps, bullies would untie our shoe laces and wait until we fell. Yeah, not me! I super glued my laces together. I didn’t ever have to tie my shoe laces again! I’ve been lazy ever since elementary, who knew?

6. Putting on makeup takes a lot of time and effort, time I could be laying in my bed. So, I keep a huge mirror next to my bed with my makeup bag. All I have to do is roll over, get my bag and mirror, put on my makeup and then dread getting out of bed to go pick out an outfit. That’s where the lounge-pant outfit comes into play!

7. Don’t get out of bed but still get a good body. Are you too lazy to get out of bed and to work out? Me too! Do leg lifts or butt squeezes while you’re reading this for heavens sake!

8. Hair shouldn’t take too much effort either. Want a cute hairdo for you Netflix night with your man? Do a side braid. It’s cute, simple, and two minutes(if that)! If you don’t have long enough hair, tease the crown of your head and make a messy bun it (or bobby pin it to where it is half up and half down:). Don’t make it harder than it looks.

9. Too lazy to clean your house? Invite your mom or grandmother over, that will solve itself! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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