5 Reasons It’s Okay He Isn’t Sure He Wants To Be With You Forever

Flickr / Alagich Katya
Flickr / Alagich Katya

1. He knows what he wants (and in this case, what he doesn’t want)

These are both good qualities that are hard to find in a partner, which will only make it harder to say goodbye to him when he breaks up with you in a few months (just kidding).

2. It allows you to know how much of yourself to invest into the relationship

If he flat out tells you he isn’t sure he wants to be with you forever, well…he did you a favor. Sure it’s not what you want to hear, but at least it allows you to make informed choices.

3. If you aren’t on the same page it’s a reason to move on with your life

By knowing how he really feels, it may give you the courage to move on to someone who will be sure they want to be with you forever.

4. It can motivate you to become a better version of yourself (as long as you aren’t changing who you are)

Maybe he has reasons for not being sure he wants to be with you forever and GOOD reasons. Do you get drunk and cause fights every time you drink? Are you terrible with money and keep accumulating more debt? Do you never follow through on anything you say you want to do? Well get to stepping and show him (and most importantly yourself) just how amazing you can be!

5. Because you aren’t sure if you want to be with him forever either (and that’s okay)

Sometimes we can be so hurt by something someone tells us that we forget to consider our own opinion on the situation. Sometimes we’re so worried about trying to convince someone they should want to be with us forever that we forget to ask ourselves if we really even want to be with them forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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