10 Things I Just Had To Have But Actually Never Used

Flickr / jessica mullen
Flickr / jessica mullen

1. Fruit And Vegetable Spiralizer

I got this during my vegan stage. I used it once and realized (SPOILER ALERT) that zucchini pasta doesn’t taste like regular pasta. I know, we’re all shocked.

2. External iPhone Charger

This is just too much work for not enough reward. It’s hard enough for me to remember my phone and now I need to remember a USB cord AND charging cylinder.

3. Kegel Balls

I was worried that as I aged the integrity of my vagina would be compromised so I found these balls on Amazon. Now they sit in a box under the sink of my bathroom waiting for me to try them.

4. Derma Roller

In an effort to improve the look and feel of my skin I bought this popular device that rolls five hundred needles over your face. It may work but I wouldn’t know because I’m too lazy to do this to my face every other day.

Flickr / James Cridland
Flickr / James Cridland

5. Kindle

I thought this would revolutionize my reading experience but since having a kindle, I’ve bought two kindle books and 29 real books.

6. Heart Rate Monitor

I used this religiously for like two months but after the batteries died I realized it didn’t mean as much to me as I thought because, now two years later, it’s still sitting in a box waiting to have its batteries changed.

7. Foam Roller

I knew I would never be motivated to workout at home but I thought maybe I would at least be motivated enough to do some recovery exercises at home. It turns out I was wrong.

Flickr / Thorsten
Flickr / Thorsten

8. Nespresso Machine

My mom got me this for Christmas. Sadly I never care enough to order more espresso. (Hey Sue Miller, can you get me some espresso pods?)

9. Passport Travel Case

When I decided to write this article I knew this would be on the list but it has been so long since I used it that I wasn’t even able to locate it. Travel accessories always seem so useful at the time you’re buying them but for me, it just never translates into practical usage.

10. Designer Watch

I just had to have an expensive designer watch. I thought it would let people know how wealthy, successful, and fancy I am. Well guess what, when you convince someone you’re dating to buy you a $7,000 watch, that doesn’t mean you’re wealthy, successful or even fancy. It means you’re a con artist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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