An Average-Sized Girl Tries On A Supermodel’s Jeans (But It’s Totally Not What You Think)

Photo by Craig Maltby
Photo by Craig Maltby

Instagram model, Tess Munster recently got scouted and signed by a major modeling agency. Her pictures are seductive, explicate and oozing with confidence but disguised behind beautiful blown out hair, bushy penciled in brows and flawless skin is a size 22 body! That’s almost double the size of an average woman (normally a size 12).

I tried to imagine what Tess Munster would look like in real life. Just how big is a pair of size 22 jeans? I wanted to know.

So one day I was online and instead of my usual size 10, I ordered a pair of US-size 22 jeans (and a skirt for the hell of it) from a well-known clothing website that Tess herself personally recommends to her fans. While on the site, I noticed that the cost of a similar size 0 pair of jeans was the same exact cost as the size 22 pair of jeans.

I’m not sure what the point is of telling you that because it’s not really relevant, then again, none of this is.

Photo by Craig Maltby
Photo by Craig Maltby

When the garments arrived, I took them out of the bag, tried them on and learned that I’m a shallow person who sometimes has dumb ideas. The only reason I even decided to publish this article was because (just like when two people get married because they’ve been together for so long, they’re too lazy to start over again) I had put way too much time and energy into it to throw it away.

Possible lessons learned for this otherwise pointless experiment:

  1. I now understand why everyone is so shocked Tess Munster got a modeling contract. It’s because she is huge and most people don’t find that attractive.
  2. It’s much better to be a non-famous size 10 then a size 22 supermodel.
  3. Being a size 0 is cool but you get a lot more for your money when you’re a size 22. Although if I were a size 0, I wouldn’t need to buy jeans because I’d be walking around naked 24/7.
  4. You can still be successful if you’re fat as long as you’ve got a pretty face, flawless skin and determination.
  5. A lot of people are going to hate this article but I get paid for it either way so I’m OK with that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark
Photo by Craig Maltby
Photo by Craig Maltby

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