9 People Give 2 Sentence Descriptions Of What It’s Like To Have A Baby

Flickr / gabi menashe
Flickr / gabi menashe

1. I can die now knowing I left something behind and I didn’t have to find a cure, start or stop a war or win a prize.

– Rebecca, 28-years-old, unemployed, married, with a 6-week-old daughter

2. The love you experience for and from your children is so immense it’s actually unexplainable and stronger than any other love you will ever experience. Children are the products of two people coming together to create something so special, pure, and innocent; something that will give you a reason for living when you cannot find a reason!

– Natalie, 29-years-old, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, married, with three children: Lila (4), Louis (2), and Greta (2 months)

3. When I married my wife, I thought there was no way I could love anyone or anything more than I loved her on the day I married her. However, when my daughter was born, I experienced a new type of love that was selfless and deeper than anything I could have ever imagined, not only towards my wife, but my daughter.

– J.B., 31-years-old, Lawyer, married, with one daughter

4. I now know the true meaning of unconditional love and I would die for them without hesitation. They can literally make you go from opposite ends of the emotional continuum within seconds.

– Abby, 32-years-old, Human Service Program Director, married, with two children (ages 2 and 1)

5. An article for new parents said you have to allow yourself to “mourn” the life you are giving up when you have a child, and that truth cannot be fully grasped until you’re utterly exhausted and frustrated, spatting with your equally frazzled and spit-up covered spouse whom you’ve not been romantic with in months, and your child-less friend invites you to dinner and you realize you simply cannot, seemingly ever again, do something normal. As with all proper mourning, not until its fully done can you pick from where you are and realize this little child is more important to you than your own life ever was or will be, and you can fall in love again with your spouse for entirely new and deeper reasons, and be, first and foremost, parents together.

– Chip, 43-years-old, CEO and Co-Founder of a Management consulting firm, married, with a 20-month-old son

6. Having kids showed me patience and gratitude. My life is perfect even when I’m wearing day old sweats, messy hair and surrounded by mountains of laundry.

– Christina, 29-years-old, Editor, married, with a three-year-old daughter: Mikaella

7. 7. I never thought I could love someone or something so much. I feel like I have known my 7 month old son for 1,000 years.

– Dave, 34-years-old, Used Car Dealer, with, a 7-month-old son

8. It is the single hardest job you will ever have with the most rewarding payment.

– Allison, 29-years-old, Operations Analyst, with a 2-year-old son (Gaven) and a baby daughter (Nora) on the way

9. I never imagined how much I’d adore having a child, but my son showed me a whole new world filled with eternal love and happiness. He is the best part of me and it’s incredible how such a small person can do all these things in the very first second you lay eyes on them.

– Matera, 26-years-old, with a 2-year-old son (Damien)

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