5 Reasons Why You Should Never Go On A Diet With Your Boyfriend

Flickr / Phil Gradwell
Flickr / Phil Gradwell

Six months ago, I went on a diet with my boyfriend. He worked out twice a week and ate about 2,400 calories per day. I worked out seven times per week (sometimes twice a day) and ate about 2,000 calories per day. In those six months, he lost 30 pounds and I gained 2 pounds. The following is what I learned from dieting with my boyfriend!

1. He is going to lose weight faster than you

Assuming you both don’t cheat and follow a similar program perfectly, it’s pretty much inevitable that he will crush your soul in the weight loss department.

2. He can eat way more calories than you and still lose weight

It’s so depressing when you’re meal prepping and your meals are about 50 percent smaller and he’s still losing weight faster!

3. He can eat take-out a few times per week and still lose weight

So it’s Friday night and he wants pizza. That might be fine for him but you’ll gain at least a pound (and he’ll probably loose a pound).

4. You will be kinda happy for him but really sad for yourself

You feel weak and he feels empowered. It puts you on this emotional rollercoaster that makes you want to eat a carton of ice cream.

5. You will blame yourself for not being able to keep up with him (but it’s not your fault!)

What’s wrong with me? How is it possible that we both stuck to the same diet and he lost weight but I didn’t? Well, it’s possible because your body is trying to hold on to weight to support human life.

Each body has its own unique limitations, respect yourself and acknowledge all the amazing things you can do living a healthy lifestyle. Dieting isn’t a competition! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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