10 Reasons Why The Honeymoon Phase Eventually Has To End

Photo provided by Sarah Miller.
Photo provided by Sarah Miller.

The honeymoon phase of a relationship is an extraordinary time. We all wish it didn’t have to end and we often mourn the loss when we feel it ending, but relationships mature and when that insatiable thirst for your lover’s body subsides, you can start to give some much needed attention to your friends, job, fridge, and pores. Below are all reasons why the honeymoon phase eventually has to come to an end!

1. Your friends miss you

After months of hiding in the bedroom with your new lover, it’s time to spend more time with your friends and family! They miss you and you’re starting to miss them.

2. Your pores need to breathe

You’ve had make-up on 24/7 for the past 2 months. Your pores need air and he’s eventually going to see you without makeup on.

3. You need to start sleeping together instead of just “sleeping” together

Although those late night love making sessions are great, they also leave you sleep deprived. Not to mention, spending the night in each other’s arms can be just as romantic and fulfilling as intercourse, can’t it?

4. You need to do some work or you’re going to lose your job

Your boss is starting to catch on to you walking in late and the love bites on your neck. Not to mention the constant texting during the day. Yeah, it’s obvious and it’s getting old.

5. You miss late night snacking

Who doesn’t love a scoop of ice cream before bed? Any girl who’s been in love knows indulging in a late night snack is totally taboo during the start of a romance.

6. You’re running out of money

Trying to impress someone day after day can get expensive!

7. Your vagina needs to recover

What, it’s true! Having sex 2 or 3 times a day can take a toll on the female body.

8. It’s time to start tackling real-life issues together

OK. So you obviously like this person if you’re spending day-in and day-out with them. However, isn’t it time to find out if it’s going to last? In order to do that you need to start living life together, which unfortunately, as I’m sure you already know, isn’t always glamorous.

9. The law of diminishing returns

It’s sad but it’s true. The more and more time you spend with someone the more it changes things. Frankly, your time together is no longer a limited resource and that’s a subconscious flame extinguisher.

10. It’s time to move to the next phase of your relationship and although it’s going to be different, it can still be wonderful

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