10 People On What Goes Through Their Minds When Asked To Picture Their Partner Having Sex With Someone Else

Flickr / loosingmind
Flickr / loosingmind

1. “ I’d feel rage and sadness. I don’t know in what order though.”

2. “At first, I’d get really turned on, but eventually the arousal would turn to disgust and I’d probably throw up”

3. “First, I would grab the naked girl by her hair and drag her out off the house so everybody could see her. Second, I’d grab my pepper spray out of my purse, spray it in his face, then grab something like a stick or my microphone base and hit him with it until he couldn’t move, then I’d get the same stick and hit his balls until I got tired and then I’d walk away — forever.”

4. “My thoughts would be: (If it’s another woman) ‘Awhhhhh shiiiiiiit!’ in a happy, ‘giggity’ voice. (If it’s a different man) ‘AWH SHIT!’ in a ‘I’m gonna kick yo’ mother-fuckin ass!’ voice.”

5. “My wife cheated on me once, and only once. She felt horrible for months before she finally confessed it to me. I was angry at the time, of course, but looking back now, it feels very much like a minor road bump on an otherwise pretty damn good journey.”

6. “The first thing that immediately sprang into mind was, “How would Dexter get away with his spree? I could surely use some of his tips right now.’

7. “I’d be stuck between turned on and murderous. Basically, I’d be going for my gun with a boner.”

8. “When I was younger, the thought of my wife having sex with someone else would have been devastating. But that was a function of youth and insecurity. Now if I ever caught her doing it, I would think how ridiculous and stupid she was. I would be angry, but the kind of angry associated with burnt ashes vs. a raging fire.”

9. “If I walked in on my fiancé with another girl Id be extremely into it and run to the fridge and grab the whip cream and chocolate. If it were another guy, Id take out my phone, take a video and post it on instagram with a #youslut.”

10. “There have been times with past girlfriends that I would have answered that saying I’d feel nauseous, then incredibly angry, then probably hurt – but for whatever reason (now with my current partner), I think I’d feel, well, relieved! I would know at this point I was with the wrong person and I wouldn’t think any less of all the amazing time we’ve spent together or how much we’ve grown together.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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