5 Reasons You Should Stop Reading All These F*cking List Articles


Hello and Welcome to your official “listical” Intervention.

1. You don’t know the people writing these lists

Go ahead and google or Facebook some of the people writing these “sex tips” lists. Lets just say I have the same rule about taking sex advice from someone I wouldn’t want to see naked as I do for taking diet advice from someone who is morbidly obese.

2. The people writing the lists don’t know you

Please, tell me why YOU know more about this topic then me. What makes you an expert? Do you have more sex than me? Do you more friends than me? Have lived more life than me? Are you smarter than me? More enlightened than me? Who the hell are you?!

3. These lists can have “The horoscopes effect”

Reading these list articles can create problems that aren’t even there. Much like a horoscope, anyone can find someway to relate to a list, even if it really has nothing to do with your life. Before you know it you’re convinced your boyfriend has cheated on you and your cat hates you.

4. You might get stuck in the “list article” eddy

You just keep reading list after list and get sucked in day after day. Isn’t living life for yourself far more likely to give you the knowledge you need? Why sit at your desk reading about someone else’s version of living life. Use your time making your own mistakes and discoveries about life instead of reading someone else’s.

5. Successful people don’t have time to give you the 10 secrets on becoming amazing

The people you should be getting advice from don’t have time to sit at their computers and write lists on “The 10 Ways to Be Successful” or “The 10 Traits Every Amazing Entrepreneur Has”. You know who has time to write those lists? Spoiler Alert: The people who aren’t running million dollar companies.

(This all being said, please note that I still plan on writing a fuck ton more of them so stand-by!) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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