15 Reasons Why Facebook Is The New And Better Match.com


1. It’s free.

2. You can see way more pictures! This is a plus for everything from sizing up ex-girlfriends to analyzing how gracefully they are aging.

3. You can see how they interact with their friends and family.

4. You can pick up on odd or inconsistent sleeping patterns.

5. There is a mutual friends feature. A good reference never hurt anybody!

6. You can search for someone by their actual name.

7. When you go to meet new people, you can “check in” to where you are going and “tag” who you are with. This serves two purposes: (1) People will know where you are if something should not go as planned, and (2) it allows you to see how comfortable they are with letting the world know you two are seeing each other. If they’re adamant about not being “tagged,” it could be a sign they’re seeing someone else and prefer not to leave a trail.

8. It streamlines your internet use. Facebook is the Walmart of the internet. By using it for as many real-life communication functions as possible, you will have one fewer password and user name to remember and one fewer page to open.

9. You aren’t limited by age, location, or gender preference. (Just because you live in NYC, who says your future husband doesn’t live in LA or Chicago?)

10. There are no subscriptions to cancel! We all know the deal with this. You sign up for three months, thinking you’ve outsmarted the recurring charge function, but you haven’t. Before you know it, you’re at the bank, taking out money, and you realize you have only $4 left in your account. And, when you ask why, the bank teller loudly announces that she sees a $35 charge from MATCH.COM!

11. You can gauge their level of public openness. This could be a huge deal in a relationship. I mean, just think about when Kim and Reggie broke up because he wasn’t prepared with all the attention and privacy loss that came along with dating Kim.

12. It’s easier to develop a solid friendship first without the pressure of finding a soul mate.

13. It’s easier to impress someone with the things you’re good at or love to do.

14. You have a much larger user base to pick from! If you see someone you’re interested in and they have themselves listed as single, GO for it! The worst that can happen is that they send you back a message saying, “Sorry, but not interested.” And that never killed anybody.

15. If you see someone you like at work, on campus, or at a mutual friend’s wedding, you can find them on Facebook and reach out to them! You have nothing to lose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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