Not Everyone Who Loves You At Your Worst Deserves You At Your Best

Not everyone who loves you at your worst deserves you at your best. Some people prefer you at your worst because they are threatened by your best. They may be there for you, but they are never happy for you.

These people only love you when you do not love yourself. They are the company that clings to your misery like damp jeans on skin. They’ll see you going through it but they’ll never see you through it.

These people will seek out your weaknesses and encourage your bad behaviors, only to slander you for them behind your back.

These people love to provoke the devil on your shoulder, prodding and jabbing until he reluctantly agrees to a dance. It is all fun and games until the devil naturally becomes too wild, at which point they place the blame entirely on you.

These people are intimidated by your potential. They scoff at any efforts you make to improve yourself. They will point out your mistakes but never acknowledge your accomplishments. They will command you to grow up but never commend your glow up.

These people need you more than you need them. Your pain is their gain. You at your worst gives them permission to wallow in their misery.

They expect you to be who they want you to be and will never accept you for who you are.

These people will bend their ear until it physically snaps to hear about your drama, secrets, grievances, and troubles, but you cannot pay them enough to listen to your dreams, goals, and victories.

Distance yourself from these people who set out to deny you the journey of evolution. You do not need constant reminders of who you once regrettably were, but rather incentives of who you can excitedly become.

The moment you show signs of happiness, these people vanish like ships into foggy nights. All you can do is pray that they will steer themselves to a clearer shore despite their dark and rugged path.

Please be mindful of these people in your life and do not allow them to make you feel unworthy of your highest potential. Their limited capacity to love you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their lack of self-worth. May you invite these people to a dance with the angel on your shoulder. May you never judge them, but rather humbly encourage them to aim for the best version of themselves, which hopefully will inspire them to seek out the best version of you. If they still cannot meet you at your greatest points, may you muster the grace and confidence to let them go considerately and gently.

I desperately want to live in an apocalyptic world.

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