The Other Side Is Ready And Waiting


As humans, we naturally long for the day we wake up and find ourselves on “the other side.”

A place where our struggles instantly fade away.

A place where total confusion transforms into clarity.

A place where the burdens we carry suddenly become weightless.

A place where the destruction around us finally ceases.

A place where our depression lifts, and our hurt turns to bliss.

A place where our faults no longer drive us to slip up and falter.

The other side is a place I spent years of my life searching for. Through this search I’ve come to realize, there is no fork in the road that will lead any of us to the other side. The other side is not locatable by road signs, or a modern day map, nor is it visible by street view. This is because the other side is not bound by a physical geographic location, nor does it represent any sort of an arrival point.

The other side is nothing more than an everyday choice and a figurative place of individual awareness. It’s a winding journey, not a concrete destination. It’s a state of mind—or better yet—a state of being.

The other side isn’t any easier, nor is it glamorous or wrapped up nicely in a façade. Once you scratch through the surface, it will probably look extremely difficult and demand great sacrifice. Truth be told, the other side is far from priceless. It might even cost you everything you have.

The other side will be filled with answers that will beg entirely new sets of questions. Still, along with these questions comes the opportunity to embrace uncertainty and face up to doubts and demons, head on. The other side will break you down in the process of building you up.

The other side isn’t something you stumble into—but an existence you choose to create for yourself. This existence isn’t created overnight in one quick sprint, but blossoms day by day, step by step. Sometimes these steps might direct you back. Other times they may move you sideways. Undoubtedly they will knock you off your feet at times, but in the long run, they will never stop taking you forward.

The other side may not lead you where you thought you wanted to go, but it will guide you toward open doors that you could have never imagined on your own.

The other side exists for those who are willing to cross over into the unknown and create it, embrace it, live it and trust it.

The other side is ready and waiting for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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