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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine, and six months ago I found myself highly medicated, that is, I remembered how to laugh.

What Caring Looks Like

Caring looks like sharing yourself and your entire realm of being with another. It looks like opening yourself up in all regards.

Loving Yourself Whether It’s Valentines Day Or Not

With the amount of consumerism, and glorified affection surrounding a single designated calendar day, no matter how strong of an exterior you may present to the outside world, on the inside, these feelings have a tendency to bubble up.

Just Keep Going

Just keep going is such a simple phrase, yet it is one that can hold an infinite amount of power.

How To Make Good With Yourself

As humans, it’s only natural we want to make good something. There are those who want to make good money. There are those who want to make good art. There are those who want to make good friends. There are those who simply want to make good use of the time that’s been given.

I Am A Shell

Here you are reminded that while you may have created the world that lives in your head, you certainly did not create this one. This world is far more majestic than yours, far more defined.