10 Things College Students Are Sick Of Hearing Of

1. Where’s that?

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According to the Private College Handbook, every private college must be in a small town in the middle of nowhere sporting red brick buildings. Even if I tell you the name of said town, you still won’t know where it is.

2. I think I have a friend/nephew/second-cousin-twice-removed that goes there!

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And I probably know them all. Yes, it’s true. Oh, really? Her? Sorority formal two years ago. Him? Oh, him? Yeah…I would rather not relive that night.

3. So how big is that?

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About 1400 students. No, I’m not joking.

4. Wow, that’s smaller than my high school!

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Join the club.

5. So do you just like…know everyone?

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Yes, see Comment No. 2.

6. So what are you planning on doing?

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Um, majoring in something I love and graduating? What do you plan on doing?

7. So did you choose a small school on purpose?

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Oh, no. I thought private schools were the same size as state schools. The fact that it didn’t have 40,000 students was a real shocker.

8. Yeah, I wish I had the cool student/professor relationship like in the movies. I bet it makes it a lot easier to get good grades, right? *Wink*

Hahahaha NOPE. They saw me at the bar Friday night. They know I wasn’t writing a 12-page analysis over the assigned reading. Guess what’s still due on Monday. Guess who still expects my “best work.”

9. I mean, I just think that big school was, you know, better for me.

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Thanks for sharing.

10. Well, I’m sure you’ll do great.

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I don’t need your affirmation, but thanks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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