8 Assumptions People Mistake About Being The Nice Girl

Flickr / Aurélien Glabas
Flickr / Aurélien Glabas

Trust me, we don’t wake up every morning with a list of kind things to do—it’s just natural. No, we don’t do it to be categorized as the “nice” girl. We actually hate it and feel awkward when people tell us we’re “sooooo nice.” Like who wants that? Us nice girls just do our part in society, and actually think of others.

It’s not difficult for us to consider other peoples feelings, think of others, and do random acts of kindness. We’re usually just having a normal day, doing our thang, being nice…Until someone decides to judge us HARD. And when I mean hard, I mean the following:

1. You’re Fake

People like to assume you’re fake. You really don’t mean that genuine smile. You really don’t care about how their day went, and you’re just saying all the rights things. GUYS. We actually do care. We want to get to know you better, see if you’re doing okay, and see if there is anything we can do to make you feel better.

2. You’re A Kiss-Ass

Along with being fake, comes with the automatic assumption that you want something in return. In this society, with all these #trustissues, it’s given. I totally understand why you think that we want to do something for you because we already expect you to give us something in return. However, that is NOT the case. We do things out of the kindness of our hearts.

3. You Don’t Know How To React To Kindness

When someone actually does something nice for you, you don’t know how to respond. It’s awkward and you feel that you don’t deserve it. You’re use to doing things for others and when good karma finally comes back around, it scares you.

4. You Like Every Guy You Talk To

We do not like every guy we do things for. Let me repeat this. WE DO NOT LIKE every guy we do things for. We would do it for our girlfriends, the old lady with the cane, or even a stranger. I mean, sometimes we happen to give extra attention to a certain cute guy, but that’s only because we want to show our personality. Not to get something in return or to pretend we’re something we’re not. We are actually NICE.

5. You’re A Doormat

With that said, even when people realize you are just simply a nice person…they decide to then take advantage of you. Hence, we nice girls, have #trustissues too. We’ve been tossed around, we’ve been stepped on…we’ve even gotten a little dirt on us too. Yes we do things out of the kindness of our hearts, but that in no way means you can start disrespecting us.

6. You’re Pitied

When we are stepped all over, we then are pitied. Poor nice girl. Always running around doing things for people, never getting anything in return. People are always using us. Sigh… Except we don’t really care. It gives us joy to make someones day and to do them a favor. We know that we’d want that to be done to us, so we go out of our way to do it for them.

7. You Can’t Be A Bitch…Ever

So when one day you decide to becoming a raging bitch because it suddenly comes to your attention that someone has been taking advantage… you go APE. Suddenly, you feel disrespected and unappreciated. You get frustrated that people don’t see all the effort you put in—even in the small things. So when you become passive aggressive, or straight on confrontational, they say you’re a bitch and turn the blame on you. Oh, I’m sorry. Have you forgotten all the other years I’ve just tried being a good person?!

8. You Have A Huge Conscience

And even after you go all crazy psycho bitch on them, you get this burden on your heart. You know that ache after you say something you don’t mean? Yeah—times that by 100 and that’s what us nice girls feel. We can’t help but feel sorry about being mean. We usually take it back immediately. We then do a hundred more things to make up for that one time, and try to mend our hearts.

To be quite honest, I think nice girls are simply nice because it ultimately makes US happy. Even when we’re stepped on, or pitied…we simply don’t care. It brings us joy to see a smile or even get a thank you. It makes our day to make someone elses. We try to love everyone around us and treat everyone the way we’d want to be treated.

So the next time you see a nice girl, say thank you. Say you appreciate them. Say that you see their actions, their love, and their heart for what it truly is—a genuine, considerate, nice girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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