5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Download Tinder Again


Whether we admit it or not, we’re all guilty of downloading Tinder and getting sucked into playing the swiping game. I first got led into it the beginning of summer when visiting home (New Jersey). Weeks before that, my brother downloaded it and I just judged him HARD. There was no way I’d download it.

But living right next to the city peaked my curiosity even more. The possibilities of meeting guys in the city were endless! My friends were having so much fun swiping left and laughing at heinous men, or swiping right to the semi-hot/cute/looksdecentinthatpicture men. I caved.

So it began there. May of 2014. Since then, I’ve downloaded and deleted tinder more than I can count. It begins with curiosity. It quickly becomes a confidence booster. Oh, but right when the messages hit, there’s disgust. Then I go into total depression where I acknowledge there’s no one out there.

And as I sit here in my bed, super bored and super depressed about the endless line of men standing outside my door to ask me out #jokes – I’m debating downloading tinder again.

With that said, here are 5 reasons you SHOULD NOT download tinder again:

1. You won’t meet your soul mate.

You’re the person who wants to meet “the one.” Why are you pretending that you’re ready to simply “date” and have some fun? Oh, you want to get guys to buy you dinner and drinks? So what about the shitty feeling you’ll get after your one night stand with your tinder date (who actually was a 3, not a 10).

2. Your standards will continue to sink.

You told yourself you had a list of qualities. Once you start swiping, you’ll start to notice that you’ve lowered your standards.  Actually, take a look at your matches. You have no standards.

3. You deserve better.

We all know this. Your friends know this. “Why are you on tinder?” they ask. Well, it’s because the line of endless men outside your door…is nonexistent. But, you know you deserve better. Granted there might be 1 out of 500 decent men on tinder…your time is more precious than spending hours swiping.

4. You need to get a life (outside of the cyber world)

Step outside your comfort zone. You say there’s no one out there? Well there are about 7 billion people in this world the last time I checked. Step outside of your box for just one night, and be open to meeting new people. Sure it’s fun hanging out with your usual crew…but then how are you ever going to be able to finally change your Facebook relationship status?

5. You don’t want to tell your parents, future kids, or anyone really…that you met your SO on tinder.

Although it’s completely socially accepted in this generation to meet people online or through tinder, you’re the hopeless romantic. Don’t let curiosity lead you to make your perfect love story, into an awkward bar meet up on a boring weekday night.

With that said, I’m still bored and I’ll probably download Tinder again and go through this brutal cycle all over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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