Read This When You Think Your Words Aren’t Important

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I want you to reveal your heart.

There are countless avenues available, but there’s one accessible method: words. Sing. Shout. Exclaim with enthusiasm to the skies that span across oceans and back again. Speak confidently. Loudly, lovingly, joyfully, and passionately. You have words and ideas and aspirations that flow from your unique and captivating perspective.

The world needs this.

You can stutter too, that’s okay. Talk in circles when you don’t understand. Don’t listen to the lies that tell you not to speak simply because you lack vocal eloquence and fearless improvisation. This is theft; stealing the sound of your heartbeat from the world as quickly as an arrow of fear immobilizes your bravery.

Fear has a way of freezing us.

It smothers and suffocates our passions that struggle to bubble up to the surface, forcing us to believe that what we have to say isn’t important, or valuable, or worth contributing in any way. Simply because someone else will say it better, we stifle our opinions and beliefs, and most detrimentally, our hearts.

We hide. Sometimes because no one has proved to us that we are worth listening to, and sometimes because we look around and say, “Wow. I’m awful compared to them. Who cares what I have to say?” Usually, it’s both, slowly enveloping us with a destructive whisper of inadequacy until we’re trapped in a false understanding of our unique value.

So we opt for the walls and fade into the background because that’s where we’re safe. We deprive the world of our minds, and no one notices – that’s the point sometimes, isn’t it? We’ve mastered the craft of concealing, withholding, and masking our true selves…because from the core of our being, we wonder: Do I even have anything to offer?

Yes. A thousand times, a million, trillion times, yes. You have infinite beauty to offer. You are the only one equipped to tell your story, and to deprive the people around you of your insights and gifts and passions is like withholding a specific shade of green from nature and making it grey – something is missing, and the other colors can’t replicate it because they’re not the same and they never will be.

Do not let fear steal your vibrancy.

You were created with the gift of words, and it doesn’t matter how articulately or eloquently those words are delivered; the value lies in the words themselves, not in how well you speak them. Your heart was made to overflow to those around you without fear. You are priceless in value, and your words contribute more than you may ever understand.

People need your words, they are the bridge joining cerebral experience and emotion with tangible permanence and connection. Be loud, loving, joyful, and passionate. Speak confidently. Overwhelm the skies with your light and life. Shout, sing, do whatever it takes. Your words are a gift, so share them.

I want you to reveal your heart. TC mark

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