You’re Allowed To Be A Wallflower

Edu Grande

Somehow, the world is quick to dismiss the quiet ones. Their unassuming nature and agreeable gentleness is easy to overlook. But the quiet ones are the people you should pay attention to the most.

The loud guy in the room may get your attention, but he can’t hold it the way the quiet one can. If you give him a chance to. The sociable lady can bring a smile to your face and many others, but you aren’t any different from the rest.

Just a check mark off her list of people to impress.

The people behind the scenes are seldom recognized for their contributions and achievements. Boastful individuals have a way of garnering more prestige in public, but remember who actively chooses to allow them to shine. Remember who gets them to where they are today.

The wallflower is no less capable of what the butterfly is. Often, they are even more capable. But they can differentiate between what is right, and what is right for them. And they will always pick themselves. They don’t need to be in the spotlight to understand their worth. They allow their efforts, and not their voice, to speak on their behalf.

They deserve more recognition and respect for the immense sacrifices they make and risks they take. For all the people they have seen climb the ladder while they lay the foundation.

There would be no butterfly to admire if the flower didn’t nourish. Flowers grow and survive when they give back. They don’t complain about who is taking from them because they are more concerned with coming into their own potential. This is what keeps them reaching towards the sun. This is what makes them powerful.

It must be an honor to be such a creature. The one whose kindness carries the heavy responsibility of nurturing the future families, workers, friends. Contributing to a picture bigger than yourself. Whose generosity often goes unthanked.

I see you. And you are beautiful.

Thank you for being the flower in a world full of butterflies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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