When Your Loneliness Can Be Used As Your Strength

Martin Miranda

Deep in our core, no one wants to be lonely. Nature has granted those who embrace community the most success. And most of the time, you should agree with that. People do better when they work towards a common goal.

But this can only be done when we each stand alone. You can’t contribute anything until you have done the work on yourself. It is required to become part of the big picture. Often times, we don’t give this notion enough thought. That we can’t truly have much to offer unless we invest in ourselves.

We will spend time on mock projects. Hiding behind easier endeavors. Turning down a work opportunity for the familiar, spending time with people who don’t further our goals. The ones that we think bring us security but actually rob us of time. That time could be spent channeling your potential.

Loneliness will show you how to pay attention to your own voice, to trust yourself.

Actively choosing to follow yourself into the unknown is not for the faint of heart. Many people are not capable of change, and all it brings with it. Many will spend years toying with the idea, only to let others convince them to get back into their familiar shell.

There is a risk, you think. It’s not going to work if I quit my job. If I walk away from this friendship it will cause me pain. I won’t find someone new if I leave this relationship. I’m going to spend more time failing than achieving. And you might. Truthfully, it may take a long time to get to where you want to go.

And that means it’s going to be lonely.

This is the kind of journey that can only be done in your lonesome. The company you keep will only hold you back from all that you have to offer. Being brave is no easy task, but it builds your character. It prepares you for what lies ahead. It keeps you moving forward. It takes you to better places.

To avoid loneliness is to embrace what it means to be human. But to be lonely is to embrace your potential for greatness.

You have to trust yourself to get where you are going. That despite the difficulties, you are unshakable. Put faith in your own skills and venture out. Be lonely for a little while. There is no clarity more insightful than looking back at your starting ground and seeing how far you went. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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