The Friend Who Kills Your Dreams

She knew the strength of my love and the drive within my soul, yet she whispered in my ear, “Who are you to do this?”

She knew my belief that if I’m doing something, I’m doing it properly or not at all, yet she told me, “It’ll be mediocre at best.”

While a true friend knows your weakness but reminds you of your strengths, listens to your worries but reminds you of your possibilities, isn’t this friend an enemy?

After a life together, I’ve come to understand that she is not the enemy, but without knowing how she works, it can seem that way.

She lives inside every single one of us, producing 50,000 automatic thoughts per day. Problems arise when she thinks up a frightening ‘what if’.

She sends strong emotions to make us aware of any irrational possibilities she has come up with and tries to ensure no action is taken.

The more you try not to listen, the louder she gets.

Although she has no ability to understand logic, she made me feel there was something wrong with me, which is why I urge you to realize a fact that is crucial to understand about her, the voice inside your head.

She is not the enemy, but wanting to stop her messages and the feelings she produces is. The key to breaking free from her and becoming the person you have the potential to be is not to try to stop her, but to allow yourself to feel the fear and carry on anyway.

To be you, it takes a special kind of strength.  A god-given strength that is required to feel such depth of emotion.

With a heart that loves so deeply, a soul that fears so deeply, and such empathy to feel so deeply, I know you are exhausted, drained, and overwhelmed. Truth is, you are so strong. You are nothing but a true gift who is more than enough.

About the author

I have healed, now my heart longs to help others heal.

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