4 Easy Ways To Become The Morning Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Caleb George
Caleb George

I very rarely sleep past 7, and most mornings I am awake around 5:30AM. I became a morning person out of necessity, but over the past years of consistently waking up early I have realized that I am far more productive. I firmly believe that waking up early leads to a productive day. Here are the lessons that I have learned in how to be a morning person.

Drink of choice. For me, it’s definitely coffee! However, you could drink tea or water with lemon. Whatever gets you going in the morning… it’s not what you drink but it’s the routine of doing the same thing, first thing ever morning.

Create a routine that works for you. Jump out of bed and shower or jump out of bed and turn the coffee pot on, whatever you prefer! I always jump out of bed, make my bed, turn the coffee pot on(I get it ready the night before), take my fur baby out, come inside to the smell of coffee, pour me a cup, and pick my outfit out for the day. Create a routine that you will enjoy.

Turn some lights on or open the curtains! Our bodies area wired to be awake during the day so turning on light or opening the curtains will help us wake up.

Nighttime duties. If you set yourself up for success the night before then you are more likely to have a much smoother morning. I love to have my coffee ready but you could also lay your clothes out, pack your lunch, etc. The most important thing about becoming a morning person is realizing what works best for you.

Don’t go to bed late.
This should go without saying, but sleep is important. If you want to become a morning person, you’re going to have to go to bed earlier at night. Waking up at 5AM isn’t a good idea if you don’t go to bed until 2AM. If you start waking up 15 minutes earlier every day, your body will start adjusting and you should find yourself getting tired earlier.

I understand that this might not sound easy but I truly believe that becoming a morning person especially on the weekends has made my days far more productive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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