The Strongest Relationships Are With Couples Who Settle Down Early

A couple in a strong relationship
Unsplash / Felix Russell-Saw

Every serious young couple hears it, the same, “Oh, you’re so young.” And “Don’t you think you’re moving a little fast?” Many roll their eyes or move on saying simply nothing, while others defend their relationship. 

Well, it’s okay to settle down early.

1. You spend your literal entire life with that person. When you meet the person you’re going to marry before the age of 25, you still have your actual whole life left to grow and change with that person. You basically grow up together, and with this you’re able to grow as a team, rather than growing apart.

2. You share every important moment. My high school graduation? My boyfriend was there. Move-in day for college? He helped me carry everything up. That day I got a promotion? He was there for that, too. I met my boyfriend because he was my coworker at my first job. We’ve gone through basically everything together.

3. You can relate on every subject, and agree on most all of them. When you’re with someone while relatively young, chances are you either met in school or grew up in a small town. Either way, it’s likely the two of you were raised in similar circumstances, and share similar beliefs or morals. This leads to less disagreements, less surprise baggage, and far more instances of “Hey, do you remember that time…?”

4. There’s no surprises left to be dug up. There’s no reason to hide the crazy party days of your Freshman year of college, or the amount of other crazy things you’ve done, because chances are, you were together through all of them anyway. And if you weren’t, your S/O definitely already knows basically everything, and they’re your best friend even though they know you’re crazy. In fact, they probably love you more because of it, and not despite it.

5. Living life together is a breeze. When the two of you do settle down and move in together, it’ll be done in a snap. Why? because neither of you own anything so you don’t end up with the “We have double of every single item and don’t know whose things to get rid of,” situation. 

Also, you’re awesome at saving money and making purchases together, because you remember the days where neither of you had any money. And you remember that neither of you ever want to be that broke again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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