9 Unexpectedly Sweet Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Soulmate


1. Everything is funny, but only to you two.
You find yourself telling a hilarious (to you) story about your person, and realize it’s halfway through it’s loaded with inside jokes and subtle looks that only you and your person share and it doesn’t make sense to whoever you’re telling. “Guess you had to be there”, you say.

2. A feeling that nothing is wrong.
Yes, it’s dopamine in part, but when you’re in love, stressors that were huge before seem to shrink to their normal size. Only $20 till Friday and its already Tuesday? You ask your person if they mind picking up the tab for dinner this week, unless they’d like to eat beans from a can over a trash-fire like a hobo. Work getting you down? You not only have someone to go to if you really want to vent, but chances are, once you see their smiling face, you kind of forget why you were so upset earlier that day.

3. You sleep like a log.
In sleep we’re most vulnerable, and when you’re sleeping next to someone you don’t feel completely at ease with, even if you love them or care about them, there’s fractured sleep-tossing, turning, bad dreams, a certain restlessness. When sleeping next to the person whose soul is made up of the same stuff as yours, you’re bathed in happy hormones and feel like you’re settling in at home- safe, calm, secure (and probably plumb exhausted from all the sex). The sweetest nights of sleep come courtesy of your soul-person.

4. Everything is fun.
Night on the couch eating microwave nachos and watching horror-movie trailers? Yes! Going to Costco at noon on a Saturday for toilet paper, eight pounds of French roast and a 64 pack of Trojans? Even among the throngs of stressed out mothers and senior citizen bargain shoppers, it becomes a game only the two of you play.

5. You just look…younger.
In pictures you take together, you look the age you feel- which generally lands somewhere in that giddy-teenager-in-love-range. There’s a brightness in both your eyes and a rosy glow in your cheeks. In the off-instances people try to guess your age, they routinely guess about five years younger than what you are. If our souls are ageless, then your soulmate will take years off your appearance.

6. You start getting hit on a LOT more.
There’s a certain radiance you emit when you’re in love. Suddenly people at work are chattier, you get more smiles walking down the street, and strangers start paying you random compliments. You’ve got that glow baby, and ain’t no beauty cream or workout regimen in the world can replicate it!

7. You’re on the same wavelength, energetically.
You’re not only in tune to each other on a soul level, but also a physical level. You don’t have to ask if they want to stay in, because you know they do. If you’re chompin’ at the bit to go out and paint the town red, it’s given your person is thinking the same thing.

8. Their smell, or taste, doesn’t bother you.
It’s gross when you think about morning breath or stinky socks with anyone else, but with your soulmate, it’s whatever. Sure it’s great to have freshy brushed teeth and get that first post-shower hug, but you’ll just as gladly cuddle up to them when they’re sick and haven’t bathed in a few days, or just came back from a week-long backpacking trip. And you always go in for the morning breath kiss-tongues and all.

9. You don’t really think about the future anymore…
Because the present is more than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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