Know When To Walk Away

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Ian Dooley

Know when to walk way, even if it turns your heart to pieces. Even if the sound of his name screams at you to stay. Even if his searching hands cling to you and the warm brown of his eyes draws you in.

Know when to walk away when he cannot give you what your heart needs.

Do not settle for what he is giving you if it is not what you truly want. Do not paint the crumbs he gives you in shades of pink to make it seem like its worth it. Even when the paint dries, the true substance of what he is giving you won’t change.

Do not let your loneliness drive you to compromise, giving you the illusion that you truly are happy by his side. Giving him your everything, but looking away when he gives you but a portion of himself. Know when to walk away before you’re in too deep. Know when to walk away before your heart begins to call him home.

If hope for a true love feels faint, then cling to whatever is left of that hope, but don’t brush it aside and settle for a painful love. It is better to be alone than to be with someone and feel half-loved. Whatever you do, with all your might, silence the creeping words of inadequacy and self-doubt that slowly fill your mind. Those words that feel so heavy at night, telling you that you are not beautiful enough, that there is something wrong with you, that if you could figure it out, he would be with you. Silence those words because they are not from a good place, and they hold no truth.

Before he becomes your everything, the only soul your heart desires, your waking thought and dream-filled night, walk away as soon as you know that he cannot give you what you need.

If you cannot be his one and only, then you have no place in his life. So please, walk away before you feel like you can’t leave. There is a much better story ahead than staying in one where he refuses to meet you on the bridge. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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