You Are Worth The Fall


When you encounter love unexpectedly, it introduces a beautiful chaos into your life. At first, it does not seem real. It is merely a dream, something that helps mend the hurt of past heartbreak. You approach this new love with caution, questioning their words, looking for any doubt in their voice. You expect them to leave, but they stay. You expect them to disappoint you, yet their actions draw you near. Their presence mends your hurt. And even though you’ve come such a long way, there remains a sweet release when they are by your side.

Love is a dangerous and beautiful thing. It gives you the sweetest moments, yet the most painful of endings. It blinds you to the painful truth that sometimes the person you love with all your heart does not love you back. But it also gives you the courage to pursue a beautiful soul not knowing what will happen next.

The hurt of first love is even more remarkable. It leaves you so bruised, swearing to yourself that you will never love again. But then you encounter a beautiful soul, and all of a sudden, the sting of that lost love begins to lessen.

And you are that beautiful soul. You came in the most unexpected way and have taken away the loneliness of my past heartbreak. You have given me a foolishness that I did not think I had. The foolishness of falling in love again, falling so soon, so quickly, so deep.

It is a beautiful irony that what broke me is the same thing that is healing me.

I wish I knew where this story will take us. I wish I could say with absolute certainty that you are the one I have been searching for. I wish I knew whether I could one day be the only girl in your life. I wish I was certain.

I wish I knew for sure that you would never hurt me.
But that is the risk I am willing to take.

I will risk the fall if it allows me to savour these moments with you. I will risk the tear-filled nights if it brings your heart closer to mine. I will express the feelings of my heart in words, and in song. I will silence the questions, the fear. I will open up to the possibility of new love. Maybe even, a true love. I will be brave and follow you into the unknown. Because you are a beautiful soul, and you are worth the heartache. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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