She Is Dancing With A Broken Heart

Jean Gerber
Jean Gerber

She stood there silent as her world
Totally and utterly fell apart
Nothing would ever be the same
As she fell back to yet another start

Her heart slipped from her chest,
Fell to the ground, leaving her numb
She sighed looking out into the night
Feeling broken that she wasn’t enough

Thoughts and memories flooded in
Pulling her to a distant past where
Everything was seemingly perfect
Where she had no burden to bear

The soft blow of the summer wind
Brought her back to reality
And although she felt so alone
She knew that music would set her free

With an aching heart she returned
To where music flooded in
And she let herself disappear
Between the notes, inside the melody

She danced with a broken heart
Until she could no longer feel pain
She danced with a broken heart
Seeking shelter from the rain

Her sad glow radiated the room
With every song she let go
Becoming the girl she longed to be
Beautiful, strong and true
To her own worth, for she knew
Yes she knew she would see
This hardship through. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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