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Sarah Edwards is a student in North Carolina, where she writes, serves cheese fries and develops crushes on almost ...

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Call Me Maybe Never Works

The scientific law about giving people your number, however, is that (A) they will always have a girlfriend, (B) they will not call you, and (C) you will see them everywhere – apparating casually onto sidewalks, reading the newspaper on the bus and in every grocery store aisle buying cereal, even if it isn’t a cereal aisle.

Reviews Of Everyday Life

Half smiles are a fact so miniscule that neither party actually knows if they are happening — like dots on a screen, which could be punctuation or just flecks of dust.

Just Eat Breakfast

I have never been a morning person and that is god’s truth. I think I have lied about this before in casual conversations with Morning People: “Oh, right, mornings? Love them. Daybreak, AM I RIGHT?”

Love In The Time Of Chekhov

“It is not on the syllabus.” He says on the first day of class and then leans forward conspiratorially. “But I want you to fall in love with Chekhov. Read between the lines. Fall in love! Write it down.”