How ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Reminded Me Of The Importance Of Staying True To Yourself

Last night I re-watched the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Yes I know it came out in 2006, it’s a little old by the standards of today. This classic chick flick can be watched and re-watched many times. Anne Hathaway stars as what would be a “frumpy” girl that turns into a complete diva after becoming an assistant to the glamorous Miranda Priestly.

Miranda Priestly is the editor in chief, also called “Dragon woman” throughout the movie. At the beginning of Andrea working for her, she doesn’t bother to learn Andrea’s name, calling her Emily. Emily is the other assistant, or “first assistant.”

Andrea wanted to be a journalist. She took the job at Runway Magazine as an assistant to Miranda to get her foot in the door in the world of journalism. At first, Andrea doesn’t seem to be losing herself. She eventually starts dressing in a more glamorous way. She picks up a new attitude. Andrea starts missing time with her friends to do work for Miranda. It’s almost as if Andrea becomes a whole new person.

Something we can all learn from watching this movie – is it worth it? What’s more important, our friends or our job? Watching Andrea change her entire life to fit into this new job is eye-opening. It isn’t worth it. Andrea gives up her life to be what she’s expected to be.

We have all changed something to achieve our goals. Reaching for the stars is one thing, but recreating our lives is a new thing. Changing your life to get a foot in the door isn’t worth it. I’ve recreated myself to get ahead before. Stabbing people in the back, becoming a new person, losing myself in the world of an idea, and it wasn’t worth it.

In the end, I loathed myself. I wanted to become something, someone that matters. I never paused to think I mattered just the way I was. It was hard for me to believe that someone could care about me, or that I could achieve my goals without making these changes. Sometimes, change is necessary. It’s important to know the difference, though. It’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t change.

Don’t let someone tell you that you’re not good enough. Don’t let someone tell you that you aren’t meant to be something based on your appearance. Everyone has unique abilities. People should recognize the value of their skills.

It may not be perfect for one world, but it’s perfect for your world. Remember not to sacrifice yourself to be what you think anyone else wants you to be. Be yourself. Embrace your skillset and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not worth it.

If anything, remember that you are valuable. You matter in this world. You’ve got one shot at life, and you are important enough to show the world what you’ve got. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Love yourself. It’s worth it.

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