The Truth Is None Of Us Have The Right To Judge Someone Else

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“We should scrutinize ourselves no little

Before assuming to condemn our neighbors,

And add the weight of exemplary living

To any censure that we pass on others”

-Moliere, The Misanthrope

We’re all human and it can be easy to judge another person. Whether it’s something that they’ve done or something that we’re jealous of, we’ve all judged someone else. Do we have that right? It can be easy to do and can be something that we do subconsciously. We judge the way someone dresses, walks, talks, acts, sings, dances, the world is full of judgment.

Are you aware of your judgment of others? Judgment is a form of shaming. We can shame someone for doing something that we would never have the guts to do. Often we’ll shame someone for doing something that we deem immoral or incorrect. It wasn’t the way that we were raised, so why would they think that it was okay?

I want to raise awareness to this matter. Look in the mirror. Take a long hard look at yourself and realize that there is no perfection. Not just in yourself, but anywhere. No one is perfect and no one can ever achieve the goal of perfection. It’s not something that’s been made for us to reach. We may say something is perfect. We may say that someone else is perfect.

There are people that we look up to – they’re not perfect either. Everyone has gone down their own path in life, who are we to judge what it took to get them there? Who are we to judge what they’ve done to reach that path in their life? We don’t know the life story of anyone other than our own. Sometimes our own life stories can even be cloudy; they’re certainly biased.

Judgment is something that was not meant for us. We were not meant to judge another human for their actions. We were never meant to judge anyone for the way that they look or act, talk, walk, anything. You get the drill. We were never meant for that. There is no living creature that has the right to judge anything. But we do it.

It’s become a second nature to us as easily as breathing. We don’t even notice that we’re doing it often times because it’s something that just seems so simple. It’s so easy to look at another person and decide that they’re doing something wrong. Why don’t we stop and look at the things that we’re doing wrong? Why are we so infatuated with looking at the way that someone else is handling a situation that we don’t notice that we’re handling a situation wrong on our own?

Often times our judgments can be harsh and cruel. We’ll make fun of someone in our minds, or sometimes we’ll make fun of them out loud. We’ll judge someone’s family for something that we don’t understand. A lot of cruelty stems from misunderstanding. We don’t know what they’ve been through or how they got to that point.

The point is: We don’t know. We don’t know what we might think we know. We don’t know what someone else has been suffering through. There’s a phrase to live by, “Be kind to everyone, you never know what battle they’re facing.” It rings true to me as it should ring true to you. You don’t know what battle someone is facing, so show kindness and not judgment. Next time you see someone, second guess yourself. Maybe they’re facing something that you couldn’t even imagine. TC mark

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