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There Is More To Life Than Falling Back In Love

The butterflies in your stomach, the sweet soft kisses, holding one another until the sun begins to take over the starlit sky, the passion that overtakes two people at the same time, leading into a beautiful thing, looking into their eyes and seeing the future, seeing nothing but glimmering hope and still frames or even predictions of what a future with them would look like. Feeling the guard come down and the warmth envelop you as you let yourself fall deeper and more madly in love with this person and knowing without a doubt that they’re the one. The one that everyone talks about. “The One.” They’re The One that you’ll be with forever because this feeling is so intense and so deep, you’re falling so hard and there’s nothing to grip onto but that’s okay because they’re at the bottom and they’re going to be there to catch you.

Then comes the crash. You’ve landed and they weren’t there. Where the fuck they went, who fucking cares. They left you there to crash, is that a little metaphorical fire over there? Yup, it is. They left you to crash and burn and there’s nothing more to it. There’s no one there. That feeling though…That feeling right before the crash. How do you get that back? That feeling where it felt like there were passion and fire pulsing through your veins. That feeling where it felt like there was the entire world at your fingertips and everything sparked. Everything was perfect. How do you get that back?

Well, dollface here’s some news. I hope someone slaps you across the face with this because you need to know.

There’s more to life than falling back in love. There’s more to life than finding someone that doesn’t deserve you to let you fall and crash down all over again. There’s more to life than finding someone that won’t work for you. Someone that doesn’t cherish you the way that you cherished them.

Have you ever tried flying solo? There are so many things that can give you the same feeling and you won’t need that person. You won’t need any person but yourself. In fact, that’s the truth already. You don’t need any person but yourself. You don’t need anyone but the person that you really are. Do you remember them? Or are they so diluted by all the people that you “were” just to achieve that feeling of falling in love all over again.

Take a look outside every day whether it’s sunny, raining, snowing, whatever weather it is… it’s beautiful. You get to look at it because you are alive. You were alive before that feeling and guess what? You’re still alive. You can look at the beauty of nature. Look at how the sun shines down between the trees. Look at how the stars light up the sky. Look at the brightness and fullness of that moon. Look at the world around you, and look at what we can see in the galaxy surrounding our world.

You think that falling in love again is the only priority? You think there’s nothing more than that? Love is important. Love your friends. Love your family. Love yourself. But you don’t need to be in love to live.

If you need to fall in love? Let it be with yourself. Let it be with the world around you. Let it be with what you’ve made for yourself. You don’t need to be in love with another person. The world is so vast and expands so far, there is something out there. Something that you’ll see as perfect and if you’re over here just constantly going through person after person trying to get that same feeling… you’ll miss out.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of this universe because you’re trying so hard to fall in love again, something that can never be forced. Take a breath, take a moment and think about what you’re doing. Think about what you need to do for yourself and again… if you need to fall in love? Let it be with yourself and the universe. The rest will come in it’s due time. TC mark

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