The People We’ve Loved Came Into Our Lives For A Reason

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I’ve hurt people. I’ve always hurt people. I’ve caused them to be angry, to be upset, sad, scared, frustrated. I’ve hurt people. I’m not an angel. None of us are angels. When it comes down to it, we’ve all hurt people. We’ve all done things that have caused someone else to suffer. We may not have meant to at the time, but we did. We definitely did it.

We’ve been the ones that we tell our stories about. We’ve been the ones that have caused the broken hearts, the anger and the crying. We’ve been the people that have done horrible things for the sake of self-preservation. Some of us have even done horrible things just for attention.

Not a single one of us is perfect. Yet, we’ll write and put all our emotion and our angst into someone else. We’ll write out our hatred and frustration. We’ll write out our desire for them to hurt like we hurt. But what about the people that we’ve hurt before now? What about the people that we’ve caused pain to? What about the people from our past that we’ve done things to and caused them to hurt? What about them?

Do we ever for a moment take a second to think… no, remember, that we’re the villain in someone else’s story? That we’re the villains in someone else’s life? Do we ever for a moment pause and think that someone might have written something like that about us? I rarely remember it when I’m writing.

There are always two sides to every story. There are many, many sides to every story and we can believe any side that we choose to. We can believe any side that makes sense to us. It’s the matter of what the truth is though. How often is anything that either side says the complete truth? It’s a rarity. It’s not often that either side tells the exact truth.

It’s not often that either side will tell you that this happened – that happened, but I was the instigator. It’s not often that someone is willing to shine a poor light on themselves, and it’s not often that someone is willing to make sure that we all know that the person that we’re writing about wasn’t always a villain. That they weren’t always a monster. At one point they were someone that we truly and deeply cared about.

At one point the person that we’re writing in this angst storm, saying and realizing that we deserve better, this person was someone that mattered. This person was someone that deeply mattered to us and we loved them with a part of us. We loved them more than we want to admit now. That’s why there’s angst.

That’s why we have the hatred. We need to remember that these people have a purpose. They had a purpose in our lives. They were meant to come and teach us something, and when they did, we learned, didn’t we? We learned something from them. They will always be a part of our lives.

Even if we don’t wish them happiness, even if we’re not ready to forgive them, we need to remember that they’re loved by someone. They were once loved by us and now they’re loved by someone else. Sometimes we need to take a breath and look back and remember that there were good times. There were always good times before the bad. We loved them for a reason.

The people that we hurt? They loved us for a reason too. They loved us and we caused them pain and that doesn’t make us inherently a bad person. That doesn’t make us inherently evil. It makes us human. You’ve hurt someone because you’re human. I’ve hurt someone because I’m human. We’ve all loved. Even these people that we see as villains… they’ve loved. TC mark

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