Here’s Which Disney Princess You Are, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Okay, we can all be honest here we’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test just to figure it out for fun or for some online quiz or in my case it was actually a psychology class. Have you ever stopped and thought that Disney Princesses have MBTI scores too? Here’s how I picture them.



Very much like Pocahontas, you are quiet and don’t want to talk around new people. In fact, you just want them to go away so you can disappear into your familiar territory. You know that there has to be more to life than this so you look for it in everything, like Pocahontas did with the wind, the trees, and the animals. You have a determination to find more and can often be found in your fantasies.


Beauty And The Beast

Like Belle, you have a very unique way of looking at things. You don’t fit in with everyone else because you take things differently. You’ll look past someone or something’s “gorgeous” surface, and you’ll see things for what they really are, just like Belle with Gaston. She saw past his surface. Just like Belle with the Beast. She saw past his surface. You look past the surface and see things in a way that’s just different. People think that you’re weird because you don’t see it just like everyone else, but you know the truth.



Elsa locked herself away because she couldn’t handle people knowing her secret. It was draining for her to be around people, so she would constantly hide. Like Elsa, you hide from social situations. It drains you and you need to go somewhere solo to get a recharge on those socialization batteries. You can’t handle things without a plan and need to be in control of yourself and other situations at all times.


Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Kida of Atlantis at first is very intimidating and seems to be very unwelcoming to anyone that she doesn’t recognize. She’s very guarded, but she also works hard to protect her honor and goes out of her way to find out what’s going on. You are much like Kida in this aspect, you are honorable, hold patience, you’re a bit intimidating at first but once someone gets past the guard, you’re actually a very warm person.


The Little Mermaid

Much like Ariel, you live in imagination world rather than in real life. Your imagination gives you drive to push forward and keep going rather than just look at the here and now. You think about what could be and what you want things to be. You want to be around people and you’re very dependent on your emotions. Sometimes the smallest things can set you off, especially when you’re ripped into reality from imagination land. You love people and can connect with them using your charisma. Sometimes though, you need someone to bring you back to earth.



Rapunzel was forcefully hidden from the outside world. Much like you force yourself to do. You ISTPs are very unpredictable and even the best of friends can’t tell what next move you’re going to make! You hide your unpredictability from the world, just like Rapunzel herself was hidden from the world.



Anna was so so lovable herself that everyone genuinely believed that jerk (That’s right, he doesn’t get a name in this article) was in love with her after one night. She was also very loving and she just wanted to make everyone else happy, and to be happy herself. Luckily she got her happy ending, and I believe that you will too, my little social butterfly!


Snow White

You were born to be in front of a camera, or an audience, just like Snow White was born to be the most beautiful woman in the land! You love to be around people and have a bright attitude towards other people, just like she did. She took care of seven Dwarves and made their lives brighter! You are a very good person to have around with your warm and good-hearted attitude.



Moana acted on her emotions, she wanted to be the one to go out and save the island and she could be a bit hard-headed sometimes. Does that sound familiar at all? You don’t like to have a day to day routine, you like to do things your way and you like to mix things up your way.



You, like Merida, are a social creature, but you’re also a very emotional creature. You need to have your freedom, and sometimes, well, sometimes you don’t really think about the consequences of your actions before you go through with them, do ya? Kind of like Merida didn’t think about the consequences of wishing her. Okay, yeah, let’s not get into the movie and make me start crying again. You’re a leader, and you’re a good person, but just like Merida, you need to think before you act on something.



You and Mulan have a lot in common. You both think about things logically, yet at the same time, you’re both leaders and you both want to be in charge of what’s happening. You push yourself through the obstacles, and instead of seeing them as an obstacle, you see it as a way to improve something in your life. You’re the “take charge” gal, and you’re not going to sit and take orders from anybody.



Cinderella knew that her stepmother was evil before her father was even out of the picture. You would’ve known that too. As an INTP, you’re amazing at reading people, just like Cinderella was also great to know that the Prince wasn’t just some shallow jerk, and she actually WANTED to be found by him. Good for you! Just like Cinderella, you can’t handle doing things that are “normal”, you have to do things in a creative way, and that makes you unique and incredible. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!


The Princess And The Frog

While being outspoken, Tiana was ready to do everything possible to make sure that everyone had a happy ending. Much like Tiana, you are unselfish, and you show a lot of support for other people, you have a good heart overall, and again, much like Tiana. You’ll bring out the best in people.



Jasmine was NOT one that wanted small talk, in fact, she wanted to be left alone. But not completely alone, she wanted to be left alone with her giant tiger, and other things that didn’t annoy her. She didn’t want to be in big parties, she didn’t want to have a forceful marriage, and she didn’t want to meet whoever it was the Sultan decided she was to marry. Oh, and I don’t think she could have dropped her snarky attitude with Jafar for any amount of money in the universe. Not that we would want her to. Sounding familiar? If it is, consider yourself lucky. This is extremely, extremely rare.


Sleeping Beauty

Aurora didn’t seem like an introvert- well, she didn’t seem like an anything a lot of the time other than just a sleeping babe. But when you got past the sleepy time, she was very warm and happy and everything in life was beautiful! You better bet that she was ready to get up and live life whether it was a game plan or a random adventure! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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