10 Ways To Know A Girl Is Playing With You

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Not all men are sneaky and manipulative, not all women are perfect angels that are getting stabbed in the heart by men , and they’re not all going to be perfect, they’re not all so sweet and innocent, they’re not all so original and angelic. People are human, and everyone fucks up, regardless of what gender they are. So let’s get into this:

1. She won’t call or text first, and expects you to put all the work into the relationship. Most girls that I know WANT the attention of their man. They want to know the guy is thinking about them. Some may be worried about clinging, but others are just getting the, “Good morning, baby” texts from another man. Harsh truth, but truth. If she’s making you put all the effort into something, chances are, she has another guy that’s putting effort into it too, or she’s putting HER effort into another guy. Women can be players too.

2. She doesn’t answer your calls, or she acts shady when she does. She’ll always be busy, always be out with friends, but you’ve never met her friends, you’ve never even talked to her friends on the phone. You’re not her top priority, and you’re not going to be.

3. You take her out and she’ll dodge certain places. Women are creatures of habit. She has certain places that she’ll go to with certain men. If you happen to show up at one of those places with her there’s a good chance that someone will ask where her other person is. We just can’t have that, can we?

4. There’s a certain time she’ll stop responding to texts or calls. She’ll say she’s asleep, but you won’t hear from her from 6 pm until like 10 am the next day? Either your girl has a messed up sleeping schedule, she’s sick (in which you should show some sympathy), or you need to think about what you’re getting yourself into.

5. She’s always always always busy. Always. If she’s not with you, she’s busy, but you don’t need to worry because she’ll text you right when she can. Which is never. She never has time to text you. She never has time to talk to you. She never has time to talk to you about anything. It’s almost as if she’s avoiding you.

6. When you’re out- same as men- she’ll flirt around with other people. I don’t know about you, but when I’m serious about someone, I’m not playing footsie under the table with their friend, I’m not leaning forward to show cleavage, I’m not giggling and laughing at every single thing that they say. I’m not blatantly and obviously flirting with the person in front of me and saying that it’s just a joke. Pay attention to what this girl is doing.

7. She blames you for everything. This is called gaslighting. She’ll blame you for almost everything that happens in the relationship. Your relationship isn’t perfect, it never has been, never will be, but your relationship… well. There’s nothing more that can be said about it. Everything is somehow your fault. If you ask her about any of these six things, you don’t get a conversation, you get a crying fit.

8. The crying fit is somehow followed with “I love you, I’m so sorry.” It turns into an emotional disaster until you drop whatever suspicion that you have, or whatever issue that you were having with her behavior. There’s no issue with her behavior anymore because she’s crying, right? She’s so upset that you would even think that way about her. She’s so upset that you could even think that she would do something like that.

9. She has a lot of male friends. Girls can have guy friends. It’s a fact, you can have male friends, and you can have female friends. But when every single friend of hers is a male, and she can’t even keep her story straight about which friend did which thing or which friend she was with when… well… “Here’s your sign,” buddy.

10. Look at all of the above. Look at the repeating processes. These things don’t happen just one time, they’ll happen over and over again. They’ll happen multiple times and by the time you realize it you’ll be so invested in this girl that you don’t know what to do.

Here’s what you do: Look at the word that I’ve been using through this essay. Find a woman. You don’t keep going back to these girls that think that it’s fun to play games, you find a real, grown ass woman, and you make her your woman. Get it? Got it? Good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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