10 Shocking And Horrific Facts About The Manson Family Murders

We’ve all heard about the Manson Family, right? Led by cult leader Charles Manson, an aspiring musician, a group of people, called The Family clung to his every single word. They believed every little thing that Charles Manson had to say and they believed that they needed to do certain things to appease him because he was their leader. He was also their equal. He would keep them safe. He knew what was best for them, didn’t he? They were going to show the world, they were going to make a difference. Little did they know how much the difference they were going to make would change the world, in the most shocking of ways.

1. There may have been more deaths.

That’s right- we have the eight deaths that we all know about, but did you know that there could have been more? Up to 35 to be exact. They were never tried for these murders – only because the murderers had already been convicted of other murders.

Residence of actress Sharon Tate and scene of the Manson group murders on August 9, 1969. (Murderpedia)

2. There was a hit list.

A celebrity hit list, to be exact, including some people you may have even heard of. Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and Stevie McQueen. They wanted their names to go on forever- and they will.

Sharon Tate in a promotional shot for Valley of the Dolls (Wikipedia/20th Century Fox)

3. Ronald Hughes was an attorney that dropped Charles Manson to represent Leslie Van Houten.

His body was found in 1970, and it’s still unclear what the cause of death is. It’s rumored that the Family killed him for turning his back on Manson.

4. Manson himself? Never killed anyone.

He was with the Family the night of the LaBianca murders, reportedly because he was furious about the sloppiness of the murders at Roman Polanski’s home.

Old Noblesville jail – once home to Charles Manson (Wikipedia/Valerie Everett)

5. The Family asked, begged, pestered, and even made threats when the Beatles wouldn’t call Charles Manson after the murders and trials.

They were all huge Beatles fans.

6. The song “Never Learn Not To Love” by the Beach Boys was originally entitled “Cease to Exist.”

It was written by none other than Charles Manson.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJrrQ2apjVg%5D

7. He took a lot of his inspiration from Hitler.

But he also took it from a book called How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

8. There were two more bodies found in the “overkill” style of the Manson Family.

They were, in fact, found near the ranch that the family was staying at and were still turning up in 2016.

The Spahn Movie Ranch, with a portion of the Old Santa Susana Stage Road, the primary residence for the Manson Family. (Wikipedia)

9. The Family- women especially, were punished by beatings if they were caught deep in thought.

They were quickly comforted after they were beaten by him, a way to keep control over them.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkTJByTt4XM%5D

10. Manson forced The Family to participate in “Creepy Crawls” which was breaking into people’s homes and moving around furniture and other items.

It wasn’t about stealing, it was about taking away the safety feeling that other people had.

Manson in prison in August, 2017. (Wikimedia Commons/California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation)

Those are just ten creepy facts, if I were to keep going, this list could go on forever. Charles Manson and the Family were terrifying, horrific and in some ways, an almost unbelievable piece of our history. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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