This Is Why You Should Never Date A Gemini

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I sat alone in my house that night. He had just left. I didn’t know how I felt anymore, my heart was racing, I think I was crying? I don’t really know anymore. He changed his mind. He changed his mind about loving me, just like he changed his mind about everything else in the fucking world. He could never stick with a decision, he could never let his guard down for me, he would make everything sarcastic and just extreme at the same time, there would be no emotion but too much emotion.

I never understood him. Nothing ever made sense. One minute he was him, the amazing, wonderful person that I fell for, the next, he was like some other entirely different person. Almost like a split personality. Maybe that’s why they call the Geminis the twins. He was constantly thinking. Constantly. It was almost like he never paid attention to anything that I was saying, he was always staring off into space.

Let’s start with that, it can be top of the list of reasons never to date a Gemini.

1. With someone that’s always thinking, you have to repeat yourself a million times. I guess it’s not their fault that they have the thoughts rushing through their heads, and it’s really hard to grasp onto a singular one, but at times, don’t you just wish that you could get them to focus for 10 second and pay attention to what you’re saying?

2. It’s almost as if Geminis seem insensitive. They don’t seem to care about anything, maybe that ties back into the always thinking part of things? They’re always curious, and it can almost make it seem like they’re being insensitive when they’re just being inquisitive.

3. Commitment, Commitment, Commitment. You won’t get it. Unless you have some kind of magical ability rolled up your sleeve, you are not going to get the commitment that you want from a Gemini. They’re indecisive, they won’t take the plunge to get into a relationship, they’re always thinking, thinking some more, and then overthinking things to the point that it’s like they talk themselves out of the situation.

With this being said, every sign has their bad sides and their good sides. When a Gemini loves, they love hard, they’re supportive and loyal friends and almost every Gemini I’ve met has been a great person with an incredible amount of sass that’ll tell you exactly what they’re thinking when they’re thinking it.

Although that being said, would I ever date a Gemini? Maybe, but would I advise it for most people… well, you can see the title. TC mark

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