Sorry But The Only Person You Have To Blame For Your Sensitivity Is You

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As someone that’s dealt with all different kinds of people, I’ve dealt with narcissists, I’ve dealt with plain old jerks, I’ve dealt with people in the food industry (okay, putting that in with narcissists and assholes may seem like a stretch, but don’t knock it.) I just want to say that unfortunately, the only person you can blame for your sensitivity is yourself.

I’m not saying that you haven’t been through painful things. I’ve never said that you haven’t been through anything painful, and I’ve never said that you’re the reason for these painful things happening. What am I saying then? You’re the reason for your responses to them. You’re the reason that they’re handled the way they are now. You’re the way that you are because of you. No one else is causing you to be the way that you are. No one else has caused you to react to things the way that you do. No one else has made you into you except well…. you.

You’re the one that’s responsible for your emotions. You’re the one that’s gone through these things and come out… not fighting, but crying. Guess what? You can cry, and you can fight all at the same time, sweetheart. You can fight for what you believe in, you can fight for yourself, you can fight for your hopes and dreams, but if all it takes is the poke of a finger to knock you down? That’s on you. Someone may have poked you, but you’re the one that sat down and started crying. Someone may have touched you, but you’re the one that gave up. Someone may have even shoved you, but you’re the one that let all of your emotions out on this one little thing and decided to give up.

You can call yourself an “empath”, (don’t knock me here, I know it’s a real thing), but you cannot blame how you react, how you choose to react on anyone but yourself. If you want to sit down and cry, did anyone else make that choice for you? No. If you want to get upset over every comment made to you and hold onto it, let it burn and rip you apart from the inside out, did anyone else make that choice for you? No. You made your choice. You’re responsible for your sensitivity. You’ve allowed yourself to become this way. You’ve decided that this is how you’re going to handle things, that this is how you’re going to react. That you can’t handle someone talking to you without having some sort of breakdown.

Here’s the cold, hard truth. People are assholes. People have been assholes since the beginning of time. It’s the truth, we can’t change that. People are self-centered, they’re self-serving, they care about themselves, and they’re survivalists. It’s in our genes to survive. I’ve been a very sensitive person my entire life, and guess where it goes? You end up crying, you end up stopping your entire life, and curling up into a ball, and you know what happens? You really, really want to know what happens? What the people around you are doing? They’re still going. Their lives are still going, life is still happening around you, the world is still happening around you, and you’re sitting there in the ball, crying about a comment that was made to you last week.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. OWN IT. If you’re a sensitive person, there’s nothing wrong with that. You have feelings, we all have feelings, but don’t try to blame your emotions, your sensitivity on anyone that’s not you. Don’t try to blame your feelings on anyone but yourself, because you and I both know the truth. It’s not their fault. It’s not the fault of everyone around you. People have no say over how they make you feel, but you have every say over how you handle it.

Own up to the things that hurt you, then pick up your big girl pants, and move forward with the rest of your life. Sitting somewhere, being angry, being sad, being offended, whatever you want to call it, just pick up, and move forward, because life isn’t going to wait for you, and you’re the only person that can decide what your life is going to be like. Do you want to stay in one place while everything moves around you, or do you want to move with the rest of your life?

I don’t know about you, but I want to move forward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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