Why Aren’t People Up In Arms About Egypt’s So-Called “AIDS Cure”?

Well, it has officially been over a month since the Egyptian army announced it has invented a so-called cure for AIDS, and Hepatitis C. Even though this “invention” is a clear hoax from the get-go, I’m writing this piece one month late in order to give the army the benefit of the doubt.

If you give the internet a quick scan, you will find that people rejoice or protest together when it comes to serious issues such as discrimination, political corruption, and gay marriage, among a few other things.

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So, why is no one talking (or rather protesting) about this “miracle invention”?

Let me tell you why you should care, in the first place, before inviting you to protest.

We’re talking about an army (which means we’re talking about an official government entity) that is fooling people by dangling false hope in front of them.

I may be educated enough to know that all the army’s statements about this Bazinga “invention” have no biological or medical back-up. However, there are lots and lots of uneducated people out there who actually do believe in this “cure.” Even worse, some of these people are actually AIDS, or Hepatitis C patients.

The fact that the army considers people’s lives a joke is a serious, serious matter.

The Egyptian government has a long history of devil-may-care attitude towards its people, but to actually mock them this way is taking it to the next level. To actually dangle false hope in front of them is a bright red light. To have people save up money in order to get this “cure” is no laughing matter. To have people take a sigh of relief that they are going to live longer and finally have a happy life is a new low for the government.

I’ve given up hope on the government long ago, and I don’t expect it to care about the livelihood of people, but don’t tease them like that. This is too far. Way too far.

A CNN report stated that Egypt contains the highest prevalence of Hepatitis C worldwide, with at least 10 per cent of the population suffering from the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is how serious the topic is. We’re talking about thousands upon thousands of people here. And yet, no one really seems to be so bothered by how preposterous this is. At least, no one is bothered enough to stand up against it. Actually, one man, political satirist, Bassem Youssef, mocks the topic every week on his television show. Great, right? Well, no! Youssef is attacked and insulted by loads of people who hate him for mocking certain figures in Egypt. Baffling!

I actually know someone who does suffer from Hepatitis C, and while I don’t believe in this “cure”, I am enraged that they are looking at my loved one’s life with such neglect and thoughtlessness.

The “brains” behind this “invention” is Major General Ibrahim Abdul-Atti who surprisingly holds a PhD. This makes the whole issue even worse, because this is supposed to be a man of science who knows what he’s talking about. Instead, he’s making a fool of himself, and making promises he definitely can’t keep to a people he has no interest in.

So, what now? Is the world ever going to utter a word?

The other question here is, is that just a group of brainless folks organising the whole thing? Or does the army believe this is legitimate? I’m not sure which is more offensive.

If you’re thinking, “Why should I care anyway?” it’s because the people behind this invention are actually promoting it to other countries as well. Meaning that if you live in whatever country, and you or someone you know has AIDS or Hepatitis C, the Egyptian army believes they can cure you.

P.S. I am only against a certain group that is supporting this “invention”, and by no means am I attacking the general science community in Egypt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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