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I Hope You Find Courage To Embrace This Life

To you who feels unloved and unwanted, I hope you’ll find courage to embrace life so that you will experience abundance and overflowing measures of happiness and love – a love that lasts. A love that transcends time and endures all difficulties. The kind of love that is strengthened by time and tested through hardship. A love that never counts mistakes but endlessly accepts your flaws. However, always remember there’s someone up there who loves you endlessly, who died for you and me so that we can live. There is SOMEONE UP THERE who always, always embrace us with so much warmth and will never leave us.

To you who feels unsuccessful, I hope you’ll find courage to pray harder and always push forward until blessings upon blessings be poured into your life so that in turn you will bless others and you will become a channel of God’s blessings to others. And when success hits you, be humble. Be humble in times of abundance. And be patient in times of nothingness. Always be mindful that blessings and breakthroughs happen after you victoriously overcome trials and troubles. And as you face a new day with a new set of challenges and hardships, may you gain strength in knowing that God is always there to embrace you and accept you every time you fail, every time you fall.

Trust the process and believe that every failure brought about by a wrong decision or mistake in the past is honing you to be better, bolder, stronger in order to face bigger responsibilities and a huge amount of blessings.

To you who feels stuck with your past, I hope you’ll find courage to open your heart, your soul, your mind to changes and new things – new love, new adventures, new challenges. Never let the pain of the past harden your heart and hinder you from loving others and yourself. You are made to love and to be loved. Remember that. Never let past failures and previous mistakes stop you from trying again. A failure is not an ending but a pit stop to refuel, recharge, and recalibrate your directions. Never let your past mistakes and wrong choices define you for who you are and who you want to be.

To you who feels like giving up, I hope you’ll find courage to never give up on that one dream you hold the most. Keep it fuelled in your heart and never let its fire die down. May your spirit be renewed and your soul be invigorated to never give up on your dreams, to push to higher limits, and to continue to believe in God and in life, that great things happen in His perfect time. At times you will feel lost and stuck, as if you’re going in circles and going nowhere. Enjoy this season of waiting. The timeless saying “Patience is a virtue” is proven and tested. It always applies at this time and even when you get older, whether waiting for your food to be served or waiting for your miracle to happen. Trust God’s timing at all times.

To you who feels like you are running out of time, I hope you’ll find courage to pause, relax, and enjoy life’s journey. Never hurry for life’s success is not measured by how fast you get from Point A to Point B. In fact, there is no exact measure of success. Most of the time, attitude and character matter more than wealth and achievements. Besides, each of us has our own pace. Take each step at your own pace and time, not minding whether your friends get so ahead of you. You will get there too. Enjoy the ride and take everything you can get out of it. Learn to see the beauty of the journey and not just the destination. Enjoy the ride. Savour each rise and fall. And always keep yourself grounded.

I truly hope and pray that amidst everything that you are going through right now, you will always find the courage to keep going and to never give up on life and on yourself. May you believe and trust God’s perfect plan and will in every situation of your lives. May you find the courage to pause and enjoy life’s little surprises and not be carried away by this fast-paced world. May you find the strength and courage to embrace new beginnings and to never be stuck in past failures and disappointments. And above all, may you find the courage to love again.

Stay in love. Stay in God’s love.

Christian who is striving to follow the footsteps of Christ…

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