Remind Me, Lord

Dear Lord,

At times when I doubt myself, remind me how marvelously you shaped me and molded me. May I be constantly reminded of my worth and my capacity by those people who appreciate the things I do at work, at home, and even to those strangers I meet on the streets. I hope that in the same way, you will use me to remind others how wonderfully they are created. Help me to remind those people around me of their unique qualities so that I too will see all the gifts and blessings you have showered into my life.

At times when I feel lost and stuck and cannot seem to succeed at anything I do, remind me that you are a victorious God and you will conquer all my battles for me. When I feel so worthless and life seem so hard on me, remind me that you have conquered the world and have already triumphed over all these difficulties.

When life seems so uncertain and my prayers seem unanswered, remind me to trust in you and in your perfect will and timing. When my cries seems unheard, my heart full of pain, my mind full of doubts, remind me that you are still GOD. You are my God, therefore I will be still. 

At times when I worry too much about work, my health, and my future, remind me that you are always in control. My life is in the palm of your hand. My needs you will supply. My sickness you will heal. My life you will always bless. Remind me to rely on you and your power to do things beyond I could ever imagine. 

At times when I cannot love myself, remind me of your unconditional love shown at the cross. Remind me that your love is far greater than my flaws, my scars, my mistakes and inequities, my being stubborn and sinful. Remind me of your immeasurable and unfathomable love. I am sinful, yet you accept me. I am broken, yet you love me. Help me to remind myself in times of too much self-doubt and self-pity that you will always love me, no matter what. Help me to love and accept myself during those times when I’ve been so hard on myself. Remind me that your love is more than enough for me. 

At times when I am so focused on my life, when I have so much going on in my head, remind me to choose you above everything else. Remind me that life is nothing without you in it because you are life itself. Remind me to never stop desiring a life lived not according to the patterns of this world but a life lived in accordance to your will.

When I go astray, find me and lead me back to your ways again. When I fall short, may your grace be sufficient in my shortcomings. When I doubt myself because of failures and mistakes, remind me that your strength is sufficient and that “I can do all things through you who gives me strength.” 

In every day for the rest of my life, remind me, Lord.

Remind me not to be afraid, for you are with me.

Remind me that you know all the plans you have for me—a plan to prosper me and not to harm me, a plan to give me hope and a future.

Remind me to be still and know that you are God.

Remind me not to be anxious or to worry about anything for you, my Father, knows all my needs before I even ask them and you always care for me.

Above all, remind me that you will always love me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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