You Are The Victor Of Your Own Life

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You are scarred and flawed. But your scars, your flaws, your imperfections are all there for a reason and a purpose. They exist to distinguish you from other people. They are unique markings specifically placed in your life to make you stand out among the rest. They exist to remind you of how strong and capable you are, of how resilient and brave you can be. These flaws are there to keep you grounded, to remind you to be humble and to never step on anyone along the way. They are there to stir you up every time you forget where you’ve been and the struggles you’ve been through to achieve what you have now.

Yet despite all your flaws, you are priceless.

You are much more valuable than those precious diamond cuts or the finest pearls in the sea. Your worth is priceless because you are the result of a very exquisite craftsmanship created with utmost care and perfection. Your worth in unexplainable and incomparable.

At some point in your life, the world will deceive you and will make you believe that you are worthless. Some people around you will make feel like a trash and will hurt you. But never forget your worth.

No matter how worthless this world has made you feel, always remember that you are and will always be loved.

Someone out there exists who will accept you with open arms and will embrace you with so much warmth. You are loved and you exist to love and to be loved.

Even if you feel so down and low, always remind yourself that your flaws are not meant to define you. They are meant to embellish your life and make it colorful. You are a wonderful creation, though flawed and scarred.

You are a unique and artistic human being capable of achieving anything that your mind could imagine.

Never let the negatives of this world demerit or drag you down. You are meant to rise above every shortcoming and difficult circumstance.

You are meant to be a victor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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