This Is What True Love Actually Is, Because It’s Not Just Physical Attraction

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I wish you could see that loving is more than just kissing, holding hands, and sleeping together. True love is not just about the physical contact. It is beyond what we can touch.

True love is not just about physical satisfaction and is beyond physical attraction.

Most of us see love as being happy, enjoying good times with him, and just having fun. Well, that too is part of being in a relationship but I believe it is more than that. Being with someone is not just all bed of roses. You should realize that roses come with thorns too. And at some point in your relationship, you gotta deal with the pain of a thorn prick.

You can never love a rose without embracing its thorns.

True love only exists between two individuals who know how to be patient and kind towards the other. Even if she messed up every day, you still embraced her messed up life without second thoughts. Even though he commits mistakes, you choose to understand and forgive and treat him kindly.

True love does not envy. When you rejoice with her promotion and you celebrate her success, when you do not envy his achievements and are truly happy with who he has become or where he has gone up in his career ladder, that is true love.

True love is when you remain humble and never boast. You never let success or fame come between your relationship. You acknowledge each other’s participation and contributions in every milestone in your life, no matter how small or how big that may be. Your success is hers too and her failure is your own.

When you stop pointing fingers and just own your shortcomings and take responsibility for your actions, that is true love.

True love respects you. When he shows total understanding for the choices you make or the principles you uphold, when he never forces you to do things that is beyond what you believe, that is true love. He never abuses his authority over you to manipulate you or influence the choices you make. She honors you and recognizes your authority as head of the family. She supports every decision you made without judgment. When she respects your choices, that is true love.

True love is when he chooses you and your welfare over his own. He always thought of things that make you happy and exerts every effort to make you feel loved. When he chooses to stay at home because he promised he would a call instead of hanging out with his friend, that is true love.

He does simple, random things like sending a cute text, saying “I love you” every now and then, holding her hands, playing with her hair and opening the door not because you tell him to but because he wants to make you feel loved.

When she appreciates every little thing you do for her no matter how simple that may be, that is true love. She shares her favorite dessert with you without hesitation. She buys you gifts without any occasion just because she knows it will make you happy no matter how simple or inexpensive that may be. That, my friend, is true love.True love is when she forgives you over and over again without keeping a list of how many times you fall short of her expectation. She embraces you and helps you up every time you fall instead of nagging at you or aimlessly rattling about how stupid your decision was. You choose to understand her instead of being easily angered during those countless of times she falls asleep without saying good night. You choose to hear her side instead of bursting into anger without giving her the benefit of the doubt.

When you choose to forgive each other instead of letting yourself be consumed with hatred and bitterness, that is true love.

True love always protects because it is selfless. It chooses others’ welfare before its own. True love always trusts despite how many times you fail and how many instances you messed up because it never keeps records of your mistakes. True love always hopes that no matter how difficult or how messed up you become, you still have a chance to redeem yourself and be a better version of who you currently are. And true love perseveres and never gives up on you, no matter how hard loving you might be. Despite being pricked by countless of thorns, true love will still choose to see the beauty of the rose. True love will choose to see the beauty deep within you, despite the pain, despite the difficulties, despite everything.

True love remains.

Stay in love. Stay in God’s Love. TC mark

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