An Open Letter To Generation Z

Dear Post-Millennials,

Your generation is not like what we used to have in the 90’s. Everything now is characterized by “instants” instant coffee, instant noodles, instant messages, and instant oatmeal. All these because this generation is so impatient. You want instant gratification and the idea of YOLO pushes you to trash the waiting game.

I hope you will also take time to look into how wonderful it is to work your way into something and be able to say to yourself “You made it.”

The way I see it, you tend to live for the moment. You always want a laid-back way of living and refuses to bend down and submit to anyone other than yourself. You earn to spend – for travels, eating out, expensive mobile phones and clothing for your #OOTD. You wanted to be successful but you dislike starting from the lower level. Your concept of success is a bit twisted coz you kind of want things to be done your way instead of following certain norms and procedures. I mean, I get that. Your life is in the highway – fast-paced and running at full speed. So why would you let anyone put you on the sidewalk, right? No one wants to be in the sidelines while all your friends are moving up in the fast lane.

But there are no shortcuts to success and being on top of the corporate ladder doesn’t happen overnight.

Furthermore, you easily turn sour when things don’t go your way. You easily get discouraged when problems and trials bring you down. You even resort to suicide just because “13 Reasons Why” is an “IN” thing. You get brokenhearted and you end up wanting to end your life. You got yelled at by your parents and you start sulking, saying that you are unloved. And what do all these “instant things” teach you? They taught you that getting what you want should be instantaneous too – no delays and no hardships. Well guess what? Even if technology and your life have evolved into instants, being successful, being in the right relationship, and finding true love, among other things, take time. They don’t happen with just a snap of your fingers.

Being successful takes more than just showing up to a couple of interviews. It means getting into the market and being able to sell yourself to the corporate world even if you don’t have any experience. It means proving to them and meaning what you say when you tell them you have potentials and you are worth the risk. It is working your way up the corporate ladder and being able to reach the top without stepping into anyone as you move along the way. It is climbing the ladder of success the right way – no hocus-focus, no under-the-table business, no bribery or blackmail. It is working diligently until you reach your goals. And yes, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. So suck it up when you don’t get that job and try again. Suck it up when your proposal was turned down by your boss and make a better one.

Never take discouragements and failures against yourself because failure is necessary so that you will enjoy the sweet-smelling aroma of success.

Being in a right relationship takes more than just a couple of dates and hanging out. It is more than just flirting and sneaking around. It takes commitment, trust, loyalty and love. You have to prove to him or her that you’re not just in for the fun, for the moment, for the thrill. You have to show that you wanted a lifetime of laughters and tears with him or her. You have to prove to him or her that them risking his or her heart to you is worth it because you will never come running away from him or her and throwing his or her heart in the air once the going gets rough and your relationship is experiencing a difficult time. It is proving to them that you will stick around no matter what.

And finding true love takes more than just saying “I love you” or kissing and holding hands. True love is beyond physical attraction. You have to radiate kindness, humility, patience, selflessness, trust, and respect, among other things. You got to learn to give true love in order to have it. And I tell you, it would be a long and rough road finding true love. You will get your heart bruised and broken. You will get hurt. And it will not be something you just feel in an instant. It’s a long process of choosing to love him or her despite all the pain. And mind you, patience is a must.

So to you young ones of this generation, I beg you. There is no true gratification in instant gratification. Instant feelings, instant relationships, instant success never last longer than you expect them to be. You have to learn to work for what you want. You have to learn to exert some efforts in getting what you want. And when the world says NO to you, you have to learn to accept your defeat graciously. You cannot always have everything your way. And most importantly, it feels so much better when you get something you want because you work for it rather than it was instantly handed down to you.

Stop being reckless just because you only live once. Be more respectful. Be more responsible. Act more mature and appropriate for your age. I know this sucks but it is still true. I know this era urges you to throw your inhibitions and just jump in to what life throws at you but please stop ruining your future just for the heck of having fun. I’m not being uptight. All I’m saying is be good, do good, and never sacrifice someone else’s life or happiness for your short-lived merrymaking. It’s not true happiness if is achieved at the expense of someone else’s happiness. It’s not real success if you stepped on someone along the way. And it is not true love if all you’re after is to spend one night with him or her – a short-lived affair without commitment. TC mark

Christian who is striving to follow the footsteps of Christ…

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