11 Things To Absolutely Avoid The Next Time You Fall In Love

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1. Never love someone’s possibilities. Loving is accepting who they truly are without the thought of transforming them into a perfect guy in shining armor or our ideal princess. Stop loving someone’s possibilities. You’ll end up hurt, broken, and frustrated.

2. Never rush into a new relationship just because the old one failed. You can never give love if all you feel is pain. Let yourself heal before you enter into a new relationship. You can never love with all your heart if it is not whole in the first place. Give yourself some time to heal.

3. Never settle for anyone who treats you less than you deserve. You are beautiful. You are amazing. And one day someone will eventually love you for who you are. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:4) And you deserve someone who will give you the same kind of love you truly deserve.

4. Don’t sacrifice your happiness just to save a relationship. There is no point in staying with someone who only causes you pain and sufferings. There is no point loving someone who only makes your life miserable.

5. Stop holding on to someone who has already let you go. Sometimes, holding on is more painful than letting go. Learn to let go when holding on becomes more painful. Learn to let go before you find yourself hardened by all the pain. Save yourself and walk away.

6. Never question God’s ways. God’s ways are better than ours – always better. Trust that every broken relationship happens for a reason.

Everyone who left is not meant to stay. Those who left aren’t meant to come back. And those who are meant to stay will never leave you nor hurt you.

7. Stop using “Love is blind” as an excuse. It is a lame excuse for being stupid. Love is NOT blind. You only choose to ignore. People become stupid when in love. They tend to do things with clouded judgment. So give yourself some time to think.

Let your heart’s emotional instability subside before you decide to enter into a relationship because sometimes, it’s not really LOVE, it is just some stupid crush.

8. Never underestimate your gut-feel. Trust your instincts the next time you fall in love. According to Mandy Hale, “Your first instinct is always right.” If your gut-feel is telling you not trust him, then be cautious.

9. Do not be hardened by all the heartache. Being strong and being hard-hearted are two different things. So learn to accept when a relationship ends without feeling any bitterness or hatred. Be happy when it ends.

10. Never date without the intention of marriage. A relationship without the intention of marriage is a failing relationship. Without the intention of an ending, all efforts of being together are pointless and useless.

11. Never make any decisions based on feelings. Be careful who you open your heart with, who is worth all the pain, and who is willing to go through all the pain with you.

Remember: The brain is positioned on top of our heart for us to be logical than emotional. Think with your heart and love with your brain.

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