You Will Heal Soon

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Gerome Viavant

This is for the girl who always sits on the same bench every 7pm on platform B of James Bay station, waiting for the 7:06 train to arrive. He is not getting off that train. No one’s coming to see you and walk you home.

This is the guy who sits by the corner table of the old coffee shop across the street every single day at 3pm, anxiously looking every time the door opens. She is not coming to meet you. No one’s going to sit beside you while sipping her favorite caramel macchiato. 

This is the old lady who lives at 24th street who sits at her porch five minutes before 5 in the afternoon, excitedly looking at the bus stop across the street for her husband to arrive. He is not coming home.

This is for the english bully who always sits on the door step, who automatically stands up every time a vehicle passes by hoping it was the school bus where that little boy always rides from school.

This is for all people who are still waiting for someone to arrive, to come back, to step back into their lives. This is for all of you who are stubbornly waiting for a lost love to come back. They are not coming back. They’ve been long gone and has moved on with their lives. So stop putting off your life. Stop holding back or putting your life on hold just because someone left you. Stop wallowing on the past and start living your life NOW. 

When they decide to leave you, when they chose to walk away, they have already made up their mind to erase every detail of you in their lives. They have moved on with their lives so you also have to. You are the master of your life so stop giving others the joy of controlling it. Those who left are gone. They are gone for good and they aren’t coming back. I know its hard and forgetting them seems so difficult to do. But please, at this point in your life, choose you over others. I am not asking you to be selfish coz you are not. In fact you have given them everything to that point that when they left you, you are left with nothing. So please, this time choose to love yourself. Coz only then can you love others when you know how to love yourself.

I know life has been hard. Countless are the nights when you long for his touch. Numerous are the days when you cannot even bring yourself to leave your room because living seems too impossible to do without them. But believe me, everything will be okay soon. Maybe not today, maybe not this week, or maybe even not this year. But SOON, in God’s perfect time you will find yourself again. 

This goes to all of you who are left alone with a huge gaping hole in your chest. This is for those who have been torn apart, their hearts broken and their souls crushed: YOU WILL HEAL SOON. For as long as you will not give up on yourself. Trust the process. Believe in the healing power of God because those who are crushed and broken-hearted are close to His heart. You are loved, always remember that. As what they said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is a stirring process, the crushing stage, a pressing moment to bring out the best in you. Whatever you’re going through right now, go through it. It will be painful but it is worth all the pain. And when you go through something painful or difficult, never let yourself stay in that situation longer than necessary. 

I know forgetting someone is too difficult. It takes so much courage and determination to erase every detail of that person in your life. But don’t let them take away your happiness and your drive to live. Everyday is a new beginning, a new chance to be taken, a new opportunity presented for you to heal and be whole again. They left because their purpose in your life ends there. Stop chasing after them or looking back at where you used to be. Everyday, start living your life now. Everyday, start choosing to be happy again. Choose to be happy despite their absence. Choose to be happy with yourself. Start learning to enjoy your own company. Because being happy doesn’t depend on anyone. Being happy is a a matter of choice, a choice that you can always make – A choice the you must make every single day. 

So starting tomorrow, do those things that make happy. Stay in bed a little longer on your days off. Grab that Frappuccino and be sinful by asking for an extra cream. Dance in the rain. Sing in the shower. Stay up late and finished that book you are reading. Turn on your ipod and dance your heart out. Do those little and simple things that make you smile. Because no one can make you happy except yourself. Remember: Happiness is a choice not a result. TC mark

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