You Deserve A Love That Stays

Carly Rae Hobbins

Girl, I know life is unfair. I know you have gone through a lot. You’ve been through so many sleepless nights. You’ve drowned yourself in tears and wallowed in the sea of pain. Your pillow has been drenched and dried from all the tears you’ve cried when he left you. And for sure, part of you is still longing for that lost love to come back.

Girl… don’t.

You don’t deserve to be loved temporarily
You don’t deserve to be happy momentarily
You don’t deserve to be wooed and cherished
Only to be dropped broken and pained
You don’t deserve to be held with those hands
Only to be let go when he can no longer understand
You don’t deserve to be kissed and embraced
Only to be left alone and bruised
You don’t deserve him
He who has caused you pain
He who has made too many unfulfilled promises
He who has bruised your soul
And has broken your heart
He who has stolen those sparks in your eyes
He who has made you doubt the existence of true love
He who has robbed your happiness
You don’t deserve him

You are a beautiful creation, crafted by the hands of the Most High. You are a gift to the world, a precious gem. You may have been bruised, shaken, and broken, and bitterness may have tarnished your spark but love is innate in you. You are a beautiful mess, with a cracked heart and a wounded soul but is so full of love that radiates in your smile. I know you have been pretending to be okay for a long time.

You have masked your tears with a radiant smile. You’ve put on a mask for so long people thought you’re okay. Believe me, you will be okay. You have
put on a fight. All those victims of unrequited love did. And most of them have found true love. I did and for sure, you will too.

Just a piece of advice. A lesson I learned the hard way. Love yourself first. Be comfortable with being alone. Focus on making yourself better instead of looking for a better man. Read Proverbs 31. You might not be so religious like I am but at least acknowledge that there is

Someone working in the background, twisting and turning the hands of fate and aligning everything so that it will fall into its perfect place. So for now, eat out alone. Watch that new film on your own. That book you’ve been wanting to write or that little piece of article you’ve been putting off publishing, do it now. Re-align your goals, refocus your thoughts and work on achieving your dreams. Be happy on your own and enjoy your own company. Devote yourself to becoming a better person for that perfect man who deserves your love. Because you deserve to be happy.

You deserve a love that lasts a lifetime.
You deserve lasting happiness.
You deserve to be wooed and cherished every single day for the rest of your life.
You deserve to be held by his hands even when things are too difficult to understand.
You deserve to be kissed and embraced even if you have wounds and bruises
You deserve him.
He whom God has prepared for you
He who will never cause you pain
He who knows how to keep those promises he made
He who will heal your bruised soul and broken heart
He who will make those eyes sparkle again
He who will prove to you that true love exists
He who will bring happiness into your life again
You don’t deserve a love that comes back. You deserve a love that stays.

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