You Should Be Falling In Love With Honesty

Chiara Cremaschi
Chiara Cremaschi

I fall in love with honesty.

Your world can feel like it’s shattering into a million pieces. Sometimes, it’s so bad that it can reach the point of feeling like there is no way up. Sometimes, it’s just a passing moment and you’re okay in a minute or so.

If you’re into music like me, you can find a song that resembles what you’re feeling in that moment. You can chose a song that either allows yourself to drown in that sorrow because you know it will make you cry, or you can put on the song that you know will make you think of something else.

It takes you to a different place; a mind set that is personal to you.

Either way, you’re allowing yourself to drift into a trance that you need to reach a level of satisfaction. A moment of complete selfishness, catering to every emotion you’ve pushed aside.

Everyone needs their getaway. No, that does not necessarily mean a place. No, that does not necessarily mean a person. I think everyone needs that moment of clarity: that raw, honest moment where nothing is shattered emotionally. I firmly believe that this moment happens when you least expect it to, and that’s the beauty of it.

This goes for every phase of life. It pertains to a break up, a breakdown, heartache, falling in love, a rejection, an acceptance, a loss, knowing that your life is changing and you have no idea what’s next, but you accept it anyway. Realizing how much has changed, and it’s okay. Because that’s life. It goes on.

I fall in love with people’s honest moments all the time.

Moments when…

Your vision slowly becomes blurred because the tears are welling up realizing you just got your heart broken. It could be your first time. It would be your third time. It may even be to the point where your knees are inching towards the ground and you don’t want to hold yourself up anymore. So you let the floor beneath you do the work. Heartbreak will never be easy and allowing yourself to feel that hurt is the best entity for healing.

You’re crying so much you can’t catch your breath and you allow one person to hold you close. When you can finally take one deep breath and you can feel yourself all ready doing better. Even if you know it will be a long journey to feel completely normal again.

Your family member is in the service and you haven’t seen them in a couple of years. You have one conversation, maybe even one hug, or one touch. And in that moment, you know that you have picked up exactly where you left off. And it’s relieving.

The laugh between two people and you stop to catch your breath. One look at them while you’re trying to steady yourself and you realize you are undeniably and uncontrollably in love.

You’re watching the tide come in or go out. Or the clouds drifting from one side of the sky to the next. And you close your eyes and you feel nothing but peacefulness. Pure bliss.

You know you’re on the road to recovery even if you thought you’d never have that moment. Trust me, you will always have that moment. Sometimes it takes more time. Sometimes it takes less time.

I believe honesty is too beautiful to pass by. It is too beautiful to put into words. Cater to every honest feeling that pertains to you. Own it and express it. Not only will it help you but it can help others around you.

Let moments of failure launch you into success. Let moments of celebration keep you humble. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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